objets d'art

untitled 8 by 10 charcoal.  Private collection

"sailor"  8 by 10  charcoal

"on the beach" 8 by 10 charcoal

"El Rancho" 8 by 10 charcoal. private collection

"seated" 8 by 10 charcoal. private collection

"morning" 7.5 by 11 watercolor

"soldier" 8 by 10 charcoal / Conti

"running" 9 by 12 charcoal / conti

"why so blue?" 8 by 10 watercolor / charcoal

"smoker" 8 by 10 charcoal / conti

"enforcement" 8 by 10 charcoal / conti

unfinished face 18 by 24 charcoal

    Of all of these works El Rancho is closest to what I mean by parochial. The El Rancho was well known worldwide at a time when Las Vegas was still very much segregated. The band seen playing in the sky above might have been hired to play in the club, however they would not have been admited through the front door because of their  skin color. Moving the equipment through the kitchen must have impacted the size and composition of bands during this time.

    By superimposing them in the upper foreground I imply their lasting presence and the diminished influence of racism.

    Seated, on the beach, and why so blue are of course girly pictures. I hope to have treated the images in substantivly diferent ways than is typical for Las Vegas.

    With the abstracts I obtained  images from a background sort of like seeing things in the clouds. I attempt to mirror the Vegas style in concretizing the ephemeral. Because these are not divorced from subject matter entirely nor do they rely on color and shape to impart an emotional response the works are not true abstracts.

    Neither is Gaming a true industry. Could you go to Detroit and pay to look at cars but not drive them home. Las Vegas not only does not  manufacture goods, we don't provide real services either.

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