Education or Training

    To understand what an education consists of one must first consider "what end product is desired?" or "what does it mean to be well educated?".  Further one must consider the context within which this education will operate.

    What does it mean to be educated in the 21st century?

    Education is a journy requiring the cooperation of two or more people working systematically to achieve goals (like mile markers on a road) and moving efficiently from a state of unknowing towards greater understanding.

    The transfer of hard data in an adult to adult format with the prespecified intent of allowing the transferee to comprehend systematically the blocks of data being transferred ought be the method in use within the education system. This way, informaton management, quality control, transfer efficency, feedback, as well as feedthrough can utilize their most desirable characteristics and their economy. Economy in transfering data recomends as complimentary, tools such as testing or examination by a board, building from the defining of a subjects principals to the implimentation of those principals, and peer evaluation to reinforce the biological imperatives of competition and cooperation.

    Fundamental to the teachers work is the belief that all students can learn and in acting on that belief need to be dedicated to and skilled at making knowledge accessible to students. Teachers process the raw material of education. They are senior travelers on the road to education, the partners dedicated to administration in the education firm.          

    Students are the raw material of the education process, the junior travelers on the road to education. Students are the partners dedicated to acqusition in the education firm.      

    A disturbing trend in american schools is to forgo any thoughtfull systematic understanding, and replace it with teaching to the test. By training students to pass tests, the students are not realy in possesion of any thorough knowledge of the subjects, only test scores. Educators could concievably print the answers to the tests as handouts to students, who would then memorise the answers in order to make their life as well as those of their teachers and school administrators easier. If civilization is a race between knowledge and barbarism, then teaching to the test seems like throwing in the towel. 

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