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This website supports the creation of a Neighbourhood plan for the North Bedfordshire village of Milton Ernest. Here you will be able to:


find background information and links to other resources on neighbourhood planning

download documents relating to the Milton Ernest neighbourhood planning process
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Questionnaires - June 2015

Good progress has been made on the neighbourhood development plan in the last few months. Following an in-depth analysis of the findings from the consultations carried out last year, a tailor-made questionnaire has been prepared to drill down further into the issues of greatest interest to the parish. Every household in the parish should receive a posted copy of the questionnaire in June 2015. Full instructions can be found on the first few pages and completed questionnaires will be collected by volunteers. We strongly urge you and your household to complete the questionnaire because the responses received will strongly influence the development of planning policies in the neighbourhood plan. Thank you for your participation – working together we can determine a better future for Milton Ernest.

Aims and Objectives

The NDP group has finalised the Aims and Objectives for the development of the Milton Ernest NDP. The document can be found on the download page or Here.

Refresher event results

Following the success of the launch event, a refresher event was held on Saturday 10th May 2014 between 10am – 4pm at the Milton Ernest village hall. During the event, attendees left feedback on various issues to assist with the development of the NDP. The following pie chart shows the proportion of comments per categorised issue. For the full list of comments, see the Downloads page. 




Introduction to Neighbourhood planning

A Neighbourhood Plan is a community-led framework for guiding the future development, regeneration and conservation of an area. A neighbourhood plan is about the use and development of land and may contain a vision, aims, planning policies, proposals for improving the area or providing new facilities, or allocation of key sites for specific kinds of development. It may deal with a wide range of social, economic and environmental issues (such as housing, employment, heritage and transport) or it may focus on one or two issues only. These may be issues that are relevant to the whole neighbourhood or just to part of the neighbourhood. This is for those producing the plan to decide.
A Neighbourhood Plan will be part of the statutory development plan for the area, if successful at referendum. This statutory status gives Neighbourhood Plans far more weight than some other local documents, such as parish plans, community plans and village design statements. (Locailty, For more information, visit Locality's website)

Benefit of an NDP

 There are many benefits of having an NDP. An NDP has real legal weight that will be taken into account.

Twinwoods Business Park


 Twinwoods Business Park still has consent for commercial and industrial use which may include development that local people find undesirable. Unlike Thurleigh Airfield it does not have a Development Brief adopted by the Borough Council and has not attracted the green, high-tech companies originally envisaged for the site. An NDP could provide the creative approach needed to boost the site’s viability for the benefit of Milton Ernest and the wider area.



There is no current allocation for housing for Milton Ernest in the existing Allocations and Designations Local Plan. However the Borough Council is currently consulting on housing allocation in the borough. An adopted NDP will enable the local community's opinion to be taken into account if any housing development takes place in the future.

A map of Milton Ernest