I am part of the APS national committee on diversity and inclusion (9 faculty members in the USA), which developed the Bridge program. This is now expanded into the Inclusive Graduate Education Network (IGEN), which is made of 30 societies (including ACS, MRS, APS), corporations, and national laboratories, funded with a 5-year $10 million grant from NSF. 

"The NSF INCLUDES Alliance: IGEN (Inclusive Graduate Education Network) is a partnership of over 30 societies, institutions, organizations, corporations, and national laboratories poised to lead a paradigm shift in increasing the participation of underrepresented racial and ethnic minority (UREM) students who enter graduate or doctorate level programs in the physical sciences. Its charge is to match the advanced degree participation rates to those of undergraduate student percentages and eliminate this disparity while increasing diversity in the reserve of future scientists."

I am highly committed to diversity and inclusion. My lab has hosted 31 trainees-students and 2 teachers, from which at least 80% are considered from underrepresented minorities in STEM fields.