Team Mende

We are Team Mende from EDTEC 670's Exploratory Learning Through Simulation & Games. Our tribe's
Mende people (photo credit:
namesake comes from the Mende people of Sierra Leone. The Mende people are educationists who favor learning, are known to command respect and possess leadership qualities. Our team is comprised of Scott McAvoy, Jessica McKean, Mila Sanchez & Anh Lum.

EDTEC670 Projects:
Motivational Design Document
Develop a complete design document for an existing course, workshop or unit of instruction. Due: October 22, 2012. More Details >>

MDD Worksheets
Motivational Design Document
Board Game Design Document
Create a design document for an instructional board game. Produce a complete description of the rules, board, cards and other necessary pieces. Due: December 10, 2012. More  Details >>

Worksheet 1 - Gathering Data
Worksheet 2 - Complete Design Process
Final Board Game Design - PDF of the Game
Board Game PPT  - Visuals for Client
Personal Learning Environment

Anh Lum:  [PLE for EduGames]
Jessica McKean: [link]
Mila Sanchez: [PLE for EduGames]
Scott McAvoy: [link]