Certain Return            

MARANATHA  The Lord is Coming

      The Revelation of Jesus Christ,which God gave Him to show His servants - things which must shortly take place. He made it known by sending His angel to His servant John, who is the witness of all that he saw - the message of God, and the testimony of Jesus Christ. (Rev 1:1) 

          Things which must shortly come to pass Daniel had predicted fulfillment of prophecies (Dan. 2:28) and so had Jesus (Luke 21:9). Nearly two thousand years have passed since John wrote these words. Why would the Holy Spirit have indicated that things would take place “shortly”? In verse 7 we see the visible return of Christ, certainly a still-future closing event in earth’s history as we know it.  Paul wrote briefly about some of the same major concerns as are outlined in the Book of Revelation.  Again at the end of the book, we see the assurance from our Lord that He would come quickly (Rev. 22:20). In fact, that is the third time coming quickly is mentioned in that chapter. In a relative sense, “quickly” means “suddenly.” For those who are unprepared, Jesus' return will come “quickly.” (Rev. 16:15).  [From Revelation Explained by Ted Wade Jr.]

And He Shall Reign Forever and Ever


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