Windows 98 codename Memphis Screenshots Gallery
Windows 98 is an OS made in 1998 by Microsoft. There was also a Microsoft Plus! pack available.

There was a second, slightly updated one, with notable extended hardware support and Internet Explorer 5, called 98SE.

During Beta it was known as Windows Memphis. Several known builds have been leaked.

Windows 96 (Codename: Nashville) was a canceled version, many of its features were changed into what was known as "Active Desktop". Some stuff from Nashville was used in Windows 98. Some builds require Windows 95 to be installed already.

Nashville Build 999

Alpha/Developer Release Version:

Memphis Build 1351

Memphis Build 1387

Beta Version:

Memphis Build 1400 Beta 1

Memphis Build 1488

Memphis Build 1511

Memphis Build 1525 ( Video Review )

Memphis Build 1532

Memphis Build 1546 Beta 2

Memphis Build 1559

Memphis Build 1569

Memphis Build 1577

Memphis Build 1588 Chinese Beta 3

Memphis Build 1593

Memphis Build 1602 Beta 2.1

Memphis Build 1614

Memphis Build 1619

Memphis Build 1629 Beta 3

Memphis Build 1650

Memphis Build 1658

Release Candidate Version:

Memphis Build 1691 RC0

Memphis Build 1723 RC2

OEM Service Release Beta Version:

98OSR Build 2106 OSR1

98OSR Build 2120

98OSR Build 2150.4 OSR2

Windows 98 Second Edition Release Candidate Version:

98SE Build 2183A

Famous Hacked Version of Windows 98:

Windows 98 Third Edition Chinese

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