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Our Children

Message to My Family

I know your heart is breaking as you try to understand. I know that things did not turn out as you and I had planned. But know that I am safe now, away from all life’s harms and know that when I left you, I walked into God’s sweet arms. I know you waited by my side; I heard the prayers you said. Your voice and touch were comforting as you stood beside my bed. And though I couldn't tell you, I knew that you were there. I felt your hand in mine, I heard you whisper in my ear. I know you think I’m gone from you, but dear ones, I am close. I’d never leave alone the ones God knows I love the most. In your dreams I’ll come to you, we’ll visit for a while. I’ll touch your hand and kiss your cheek; we’ll laugh and share a smile. Please know that I’m at peace now, and grateful for the chance. For in the presence of the Lord with angels I now dance. Though Heaven stands between us, we’ll never be apart. For nothing separates the love of those joined at the heart.

Pat Nivens

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Our Children

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Website Photo Release

Click on the file link (TCF Website Release.pdf) below and print or save this release form.  Fill out and return the form with the photo as instructed to permit us to add your child's photo and information to the website.