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Annual Picnic & Balloon Release

Our 2016 Annual Picnic and Balloon Release will be held at
Maria's Montessori School at Harbor Town. This year's 
event will be held on Sunday October 16th at 3:00pm. The 
Steering Committee will provided the drinks, balloons and 
tags to send messages to our loved ones. We invite
everyone to come out and bring two dishes to share, 
and their lawn chairs. This year's event should be great 
weather, but just in case there is inclement weather, the 
event will be cancelled with no make-up date.  
If you missed the 2015 Event, please join us for the 2016 Event. 
It is an awesome event, hope to see you there! 
Invitations will be mailed with the specific details.

2013 Balloon Release

2016 Event