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 for Music Students

Piano Maestro by Joy Tunes  The Ultimate Piano Practice Game, featuring hundreds of songs!

forScore   The Music Reader for iPad.

Tenuto An enhanced version of the exercises and calculators for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

Performer-Based Websites
The From The Top website is designed for young classical musicians. This clever website has: The Green Room, Hall of Fame, Answer Zone, Student Lounge, a Reference Room and an area for parents and teachers. Partnered with the highly successful From The Top radio program, this site offers the more “serious” young musicians an opportunity to hear from others like them and benefit from socialization of sorts with others like themselves.

Symphony-Based Websites
From the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, this very animated and fun website introduces kids to the orchestra but also has sections on theory basics and composers.
Great graphics and fun games—like the clarinet scavenger hunt—make this New York Philharmonic website great, especially for instrumental students. 

Music Game/Theory/History/Listening Websites
This is a great site for music theory.
Includes quality theory tutorials, and interactive identification and ear training drills in note reading, key signatures, intervals and triads.
Elementary-age students can enjoy exploring, creating and manipulating music.
Jazz Kids - Elementary students can enjoy playing with an interactive Improvisation Station.
Enable students to compose from a MIDI keyboard and add voice-overs or other audio recorded through a microphone.
Access online accompaniments that function as virtual accompanists.
This site offers ear training and theory skills.

Flash Cards for beginning music students