Saturday, April 7, 2018**, Second Baptist Church, 
 4680 Walnut Grove Road, Memphis, TN

Questions regarding the Auditions should be directed as follows:
Performance Audition:
Musicianship Testing:

What Teachers Need to Know about the Auditions

Requirements: Teachers should consult the TMTA Auditions Syllabus for ALL information regarding applications, repertoire requirements, and Musicianship tests.

Repertoire: Consult the Syllabus. You may download it through the above link.

Please make sure the student is not playing music from composers listed in the same musical period. A list of all composers according to musical period is included.  Please note there are six musical periods. Be sure to check the Composer List in your Syllabus!

Photocopies: Any student using a photocopied score will be disqualified. Students may use legitimate copies of music provided by local music stores or downloaded from such websites as or

Performance Time LimitsTeachers should be aware of time limits listed in the syllabus. Students may be asked to stop if their program exceeds the allowed time.

Students will be entered in the following divisions.
  • Elementary: grades K-5
  • Middle School is now grades 6-8
  • High School is now grades 9-12
Please note the following deadlines:
  • January 13, 2018: Teacher Work Form Application Deadline 
  • January 20, 2018: Student Audition Application Deadline
  • February 24, 2018: Musicianship Test Completion Deadline 
**All students must use the Online Application Form. Paper applications will not be accepted.

  • K - 2 Solo: $35.00
  • Ensemble:  $35.00/ensemble. (students do not pay individually)
  • Overton HS: $35.00
  • Grades 3 - 12: $50.00
All fees will be collected through PayPal on the application form.  You may pay through your PayPal account or with a credit card.

* Non-member teachers should contact the for non-member teacher and student fees before submitting application.

**Local Auditions have been scheduled for April 7, 2018. 
Students with conflicts wising to participate may apply to other local MTA's.

GMMTA cannot facilitate this process.  Teachers and Students must make their own arrangements. Please contact the representative of the chosen affiliate listed on the TMTA website.

Musicianship Tests:  Student Musicianship Tests will now be administered online. The tests will consist of the following portions:

Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory:  One complete unit required
Optional test:  Students will choose between Technique, Sight Reading, and History

Technique: Students will use the Technique Exam from the current Musicianship Manual.  The test will be administered during the "live" audition. Teachers who do not already have the Manual may download it here.
Sight Reading:  Students will use the iPad app
Piano Maestro by Joy Tunes.  This app may be used with Piano, Violin, and Flute.  Other instruments should contact the Auditions Chair for other options.

Music History:  Study Guides may be downloaded here.  The online version will be available from the Musicianship Test Page.

State Competitions

Students awarded a superior in local auditions are eligible to compete at state competitions held each year during the June Convention.

Information about participants and requirements can be found at

National Competitions

Nationally affiliated competitions begin at the state level and are held each year in the fall.  Students may then proceed to the divisional and national levels.  Competitions for performance are for junior high, senior high and college levels.  Competitions for composition are for elementary, junior high, senior high and college.

Please consult American Music Teacher  or for more information.

Judges Rating Sheet: A Judges Rating sheet will be provided for each student the day of the auditions.  Teachers no longer need to send a completed sheet with each student. 

New for 2018

Teacher’s ONLINE Audition Work Request Form: All teachers who enter students in local auditions must complete this form before their students may register.

Questions may be addressed to