Musicianship Tests Information


Saturday, April 6, 2019, Second Baptist Church, Memphis TN

Important Dates!  All deadlines are firm - NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • January 13, 2019, Sunday NOON (12:00 pm): Teacher Work Form Application Deadline  Click Here for Work Form
  • January 20, 2019, Sunday NOON (12:00 pm): Student Audition Application Deadline*
  • February 16, 2019, Saturday: Technique Tests Administered 
  • February 24, 2019, Sunday NOON: Musicianship Test Completion Deadline 

*Students will receive their Usernames and Passwords after ALL applications have been received

Musicianship Test Overview

The program will consist of ONE COMPLETE UNIT of Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory 
and a choice of  ONE LEVEL of ONE of the following supplementary tests:
  1. Music History, Literature, and Form
  2. Sight Reading
  3. Technique
Teachers should note that the student completes TWO TESTS in all.

All Theory Exams MUST be completed by 12:00 NOON, February  24, 2019.  Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

Any student without access to computer or iPad should contact the Musicianship Committee.

Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory 

Essentials of Music Theory

  • Students should consult their teacher to choose the unit that must be completed.  
  • A 90% score must be achieved.
  • Students may repeat the Unit and Test as many times as necessary to achieve this score.

Supplementary Test: Sightreading
Piano Maestro  iPad sight reading app

Musicianship Test Part 3

Teachers should select appropriate materials from the Sight Reading List. 

Supplementary Test:Music History, Literature and Form

Music History, Literature and Form

Teachers should use the current TMTA Musicianship Tests Study Guides from the
Musicianship Manual, pp. 139 - 177.

Document is Password Protected.  **IMPORTANT - Access will be given to Teachers Only**
Please contact Audition Committee to request PASSWORD.

Supplementary Test: Technique

Technique Exam

Technique Exams from the current TMTA Musicianship Manual will be used. 

These examinations require skills which should be practiced by the student prior to the actual examination.  Students should practice all requested keys listed in the syllabus even though the test will not require each and every key.


Teachers may use any of the many ready available materials to teach the necessary skills.  Please consult pp. 218 & 219 of the Manual to select the proper test level for each student.

Technique tests will be administered on
February 16, 2019
Circle Music Center, 5124 Poplar Avenue

Important: Students intending to take the technique portion of the test must indicate their intention on the Audition Application.

Document is Password Protected.  **IMPORTANT - Access will be given to Teachers Only**
Please contact Audition Committee to request PASSWORD.