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Cross Country Runners at Denton NC began in the Fall of 1989 . The Cross Country runners seasons was up and down. In 1995 the boys place 3rd in davidson county and the girls also place 3rd. Cathy Pryor was the runner of the year in 95. 1996 both teams finished 2nd in davidson county as the years progressed 1998 both the boys and the girls were first in davidson county. Tiffany Everhart was all state in 1998. By the year 2000 the boys and girls were 1st in davidson county . The boys finished 1st in the state in 2000 NC, and the girsl finished 2nd in the State, NC. Cross Country Runners is a sport that everyone can be a winner, its alot mental, but if you can lick that part, the rest is easy. Barbara Hogan is the Coach for Cross Country Runners, Denton NC. Support Our Cross Country Runners call: 336-859-4269

2000 ~ Mens Cross Country Team, Denton NC, in October 28, 2000 won the mens 1-A state championship. Coach Tony Pierce and Assitant Coach Tony Spoon led these runners to the first NC State Championship for South Davidson High School, Denton,NC. Clarence Kinley top runner for the Wildcats was first with a time of 16:38.15 he was all state ,all regional, conference,all county .Clemons Timm second for the Denton, NC Wildcats ran a 16:40.68 all state , regional, conference, and all county. Michael Lehnig all state, all regional. Lee Hamilton all conference, all county. Josh Jordon all conference, all county. Patrick Hogan all conference. these top seven runners had a score of 35 points . There were 12 schools that they competed with at McAlpine Park in Charlotte, N.C.. The whole team that was at the NC state meet in 2000 was made up of 14 boys Clarence Kinley , Clemens Timm, Michael Lehnig, Lee Hamilton, Josh Jordon, Patrick Hogan, Brian Decker, Stephen Johnson, Matthew Gallimore, Josh Smith, Brandon Harris, Matthew Hardister, Keith Hurley and Matthew Staggs.

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2001 ~ The 2001 season for Cross Country Wildcats. The men were 6th at the West Iredel Invitational. Then the boys went to the Graham Invitational on Sept.9 came in 1st. At thecounty meet the boys came in 1st, 1st in the conference, 2nd in regionals, and 3rd in the NC State Finals at Mclapine Park. The boys that made all conference this year of 2001 was Brandon Beddington, Lee Hamilton, Josh Jordon, Patrick Hogan, and Brandon Harris. All Davidson County the year 2001 * Brandon Beddington * Lee Hamilton * and Josh Jordon.

2002 ~ All Conference Boys Brandon Harris,Gabe Davis,Patrick Hogan ~Girls - Heather Lanier,Melissa Harrison,Emily Harrison - Rest of Boy Team Members. Matt Hardister,Abraham Beck,Jason Jones,Joseph Barker,Ryan Nance,Daniel Cope,Jonathan Everhart - -Girls- Tyler Cash,Nora Zedick,Allison Cody,Brittany Hunt,Rebecca Jones,Laura Smith. The year 2002 The boys Finished 3rd in the conference , 5th in the county 7th in regionals , 7th in the Graham Invitational. 2002 all county Brandon Harris .

2003 ~ the boys finished 2nd in the conference . Finished 7th at the Granam Invitational, Brandon Harris came in 11th at Graham he ran against over 100 runners. in 2003. Brandon Harris was all County .The boys went to West Iredel for their Invitational Brandon Harris and Gabe Davis recieved trophys for being two of the first 15 runners in. The boys finished 5th at regionals at western carolina. Brandon Harris , Gabe Davis , Patrick Hogan, Ryan Nance , Joseph Barker, Daniel Cope, Jonathan Everhart were the 7 that went to regional . this team went to Tanglewood and finished 7th in the state in the year 2003. Brandon Harris in the year 2003 was all county. 2003 All Conference Boys, Brandon Harris ,Gabe Davis, Patrick Hogan.

Girls pictured below, Keegan Garner, Holly Johnson,

Boys pictured below, Brandon Harris, Patrick Hogan, Matthew Hardister,Jonathan Everhart, and Gabe Davis.

Rebecca Jones, Nora Zedick and Ashley Justice.

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2005 ~ 2005 All Conference - 1- Heather Covington 2- Brooke Hedrick 3- Casey Bledsoe 4- Sarah Smith 5- Mary Harrison 6- Jonatha Everhart Runner of the Year 2005 ~ Mary Harrison

2006 - 2007

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