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"My Story" Quilt

“My Story" Quilt is what this quilt was called by a very happy customer. Through tears she explained that the story begins with Girls Scouts in 1973-see the Girl Scout Vest, yellow jacket and patches sprinkled throughout, then comes her beauty pageants in the late 1970’s-see her 3 pageant banners and her cream colored gown that she wore. College is next with Alpha Phi and the many memories that Greek life provided! 
Simply beautiful is the story of her life! Kudos to Lory for saving all of these precious items!

Lory Quilt

Sports and Activity Quilts

Shown below is a traditional style quilt with friendship star sashing filled with St. Joseph's University Music t-shirts!

Hawk Hill Quilt

Running Quilts

How many running shirts from races can one collect? This modern style, king size quilt used 60 marathon race shirts!
Miles of memories are reflected in this work of art.

Shown below is another Modern style twin size extra long quilt filled with DISNEY marathon shirts!

Disney Marathon Quilt

How many t-shirts does your child have from all of the sporting events that they have been involved in?  I bet drawers and drawers full! 
Turn them into a beautiful quilt that will illlustrate their flair! Seen below are quilts that show field hockey, travel, and gymnastic talent!

A Swim Quilt

Friel Quilt

A Field Hockey Quilt

Delongis Quilt 2

Gymnastic Quilts
elow is a picture of a gymnastic quilt that contains 12 gymnastic leotards!

Below is a another gymnastic quilt that contains lots of BLING!

Ilagan Quilt

Travel Quilts

This  modern style, lap quilt seen to the right consists of many t-shirts from all over the world!  My favorite is the black, vintage Lake Tahoe t-shirt:
Love this!

So many memories!    How many travel t-shirts do you have piled in a closet?
Each quilt is bound using the backing fabric.

Harley Davidson Quilts

HOG shirts are pieces of art within themselves! Put them in a Memory Quilt and they become a tapestry of art!
Finished traditional style lap quilt measures 54" by 54"

The sashing (fabric around the blocks) on this quilt was selected because it looks like the road!

Hard Rock Cafe Quilts

 These t-shirts in this modern style lap t-shirt quilt came from all over the world!
Finished quilt with a swirl stitch

How many Hard Rock shirts do you have? 

T-shirts from all over the world!

Pub Quilts

The t-shirts in this t-shirt quilt came from Irish Pubs all across America! Oh if only they could talk ;)

The Luck of the Irish: A traditional full sized  quilt

New Orleans!
Up close of the quilted friendship star! Bright colored shirts work really well

Irish Pub Quilt

There are so many fun things that we do and our t-shirts reflect this!  Do you have a collection of Pub shirts, or Hard Rock Cafe shirts, or how about Harley Davidson t-shirts? Turn them into your very own custom Pub Quilt or Hog Quilt or Hard Rock Cafe Quilt! The possibilities are endless! What shirts do you have just waiting to made into a Memory Quilt? Let me know!