Unleash Your Full Potential With Brain Training

The brain is what sets aside the human being as a highly adaptive and dynamic species. Unfortunately many do not attain their full potential due to lack of brain training. From childhood, the brain works on a use or lose policy. The average human being uses on 10% to 20% of his brain. Modern conveniences and audiovisual entertainment may be partly to blame for this growing concern. It is documented that the brain functions less when watching television than when the body is fast asleep. The need for brain training has never been more necessary than in this generation.

The brain has its cognitive functions mainly in the frontal lobe. This is where most of the conscious processing and learning takes place. Mind training can be said to occur in this region. Buddhism specifies the frontal lobe as the site for meditation and the channel of enlightenment. In truth meditation has a strong correlation with scientific mind training. It would seem the ancients had some insights into neurotransmission and the physiology of frontal lobe glands.

The mind can be divided into the conscious and the unconscious functions. Instructions that regulate the functions of the organs are transmitted from the brain via the nervous system. With brain training, the mind is able to consciously influence these functions including heart rate and metabolism. Cases have been recorded whereby a person can consciously regulate his own body temperature. These examples reveal the limitless abilities that can be tapped into with brain training.

The most important element in brain training is memory. There is short term and long term memory which are accessed when making everyday decisions. Low performance at home, work and school is mainly caused by poor memory and poor reflexes. Just like a muscle, the brain must be conditioned if it is expected to perform optimally. Examples of everyday brain training are crossword puzzles and quizzes. Surprisingly, video games are good for the alertness of the brain and for reflexes. They increase decision-making and problem solving mainly because they are more interactive than television.

The conscious brain functions at a relatively low rate as compared to the unconscious brain. Everyday cognitive abilities are processed by the unconscious. They help everybody recognize the things that are obvious but also things that are not so obvious. Braining training can enhance even this covert operation of the brain. The unconscious also accesses long term and working memory but mostly uses the immediate observations to draw conclusions. It may be referred to as the root of the gut feeling or intuition.

Brain training will enable a person to make conscious decisions with more accuracy and less iteration. Indecision and low performance may be brought on by a number of things. It may be from stress, exhaustion, depression or lack of practice. To recover and maintain optimum performance, it is advisable to enroll in a scientific brain training exercise. The training may be general or specific to a desired task. Brain training improves one’s control of his circumstances and thereby boosts confidence.