Improving Your Cognition Processes

Cognition is the name that science refers to mental processes including attention, remembering, producing and understanding language. Cognition is usually associated with our brains because all the elements of cognition happen there.

These cognitive skills are also used in problem solving and making decisions. The term refers to the brains ability to process information and apply what it already knows when doing so to do the action required and as importantly to retrieve that data when it needs it in an efficient manner.

There are many different fields of study that look at cognition, its processes and brain function. As a result in the last 100 years we have learned a whole lot about how the brain works and what can be done to treat the disorders that affect it and how to keep it healthy. Still, there are many things we don’t know yet about the brain and many researchers around the world are discovering everyday new amazing functions that we didn’t know existed

It used to be thought the brain and nervous system did very little changing over a lifetime. The concept was that barring an injury or a disorder you were born with the same brain you died with. Studies over time have show that is just not true. We have the ability to help our brain be better and improve our cognition through stimulation.

Cognition is also not something that is the same in everyone. People have what are called “cognitive styles” which basically refers to the way someone thinks. The way you think is primarily made up by what you have been exposed to in life. Two people way view a single thing very differently.

For example, if you grew up on a farm the idea of milking a cow may seem second nature if you grew up in the city the idea may repulse you. As a result our different experiences make up how we think about things. Understanding that information means that we have the ability to decide what we expose ourselves to and to grow our brain and its systems in the process. We then create memories. These souvenirs are based on our experiences and let the brain retrieve the necessary information when needed. Usually, the brain would go to create associations between memories and experiences that then sit in your unconscious.

So how do we stimulate the brain to improve our cognition processes? To be better thinkers we have to THINK! Using our brain is the best way to stimulate it. You could read a book, do a puzzle, play a brain game or even get some good old-fashioned physical activity in. All of these things help your brain works more efficiently and allow you to become a better thinker.

Improved cognition can greatly improve your quality of life. When you are a better thinker it helps you to make good decisions, manage stress better and become a better problem solver. All of these things have huge benefits on both your personal and professional life.