Identifying The Proper Treatment For A Brain Injury

When one thinks of a brain injury, it is typically a serious situation. However, it is important to note there are varying degrees of severity with some causing far more damage than another. Regardless, identifying the proper treatment for your situation is a must in order to lead a long a fulfilling life.

The ultimate goals of brain injury treatment begin with stopping any bleeding that may exist. From there, preventing an increase in pressure within the skull and controlling the amount of pressure when it does increase is a must. Next, the doctor will attempt to maintain an adequate blood flow to the brain. And if there are any large blood clots, removing them as soon as possible is pertinent.

As mentioned, treatments for a brain injury will vary depending on the type of injury you have suffered. There are several different options the doctor will choose from accordingly to ensure you recover as quickly and safely as possible.

Positioning is important as having the head of the bed elevated slightly and the neck up straight can allow proper blood-flow. This particular position can decrease the intracranial pressure so that the blood and cerebrospinal fluid can drain properly from the brain.

Fluid restriction may be necessary to limit the amount of fluids that you are receiving. You have to think of the brain as a sponge. When it swells, extra fluids are present. With a limited amount of fluids, swelling can be controlled efficiently.

There are a number of medications that may be offered by the doctor depending on the severity and the pain the patient is in. Some common medications include diuretics which are used to decrease the amount of water in the patient’s body, and anticonvulsants, which are used to prevent seizures.

If the situation is serious enough and calls for it, surgery may be needed to treat the brain injury. There are three primary types of surgery; craniotomy, burr holes and bone flap removal. Of course, this will all have to be discussed in-depth with the doctor to determine if there are alternatives that are safer and more appropriate.

Because there are differing severities of brain injury, sometimes simple mind exercises and brain games can get the brain back on the right track. There are a plethora of exercises that can essentially work the brain out and gradually get it back into shape over time. This is of course the best case solution as it eliminates the need for surgery or medication whatsoever.