How Can You Adapt Your Motor Control

Have you ever wondered why you hand goes up to grab and object or how your legs move to help you walk from place to place? This is all part of motor control, which is part of the nervous system and the brain in your body. Your motor control and skills require both cognitive skills and physically processes to manifest as movement or speech.

Motor control is something we develop, not something we are born with. As small babies we have little to no motor control and what we do have is mostly reflexive. As we get older it develops and in our child and teenage years we fine-tune them even more as we learn different skills and activities. Repetition of certain skills makes us better at them over time and improves our motor control.

It is fascinating to understand that many of our daily gestures and reactions are in reality managed and control by our brain. Obviously, if we have a physical problem to a specific muscle it will be hard to use it effectively. But on the other hand, your brain is also responsible for these actions and movements. Not having a good brain health or having very week cognitive abilities in the motor control domain can significantly affect your ability to move.

There are two different types of motor control skills; gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Gross motor skills are big movements and include such things as running or jumping which use your large muscles in the arms, legs, torso and feet. Fine motor skills are small movements such as grabbing something and holding it and use the small muscles such as fingers, toes, wrists, lips and tongue.

Once you have mastered all these skills you being to add even more to your motor control skills through motor coordination. This includes being able to create coordinated body movement where all of your muscles, brain, spinal cord and skeletal system work in perfect unison.

These types of skills begin to become second nature and our body replicates many of them exactly each time. Think about how you pour a glass of water or the steps you go through to get out the door in the morning. Our body has each of these things stored and replicates them day after day when our brain says it is time to do them.

The central processing unit for all of our motor control skills is the brain. It takes all of the information it gets from the nervous system and processes it so that you get the desired movement you are looking for. It is really amazing how much it can accomplish and how quickly and this is important for good brain fitness.

Keeping your brain healthy is one of the ways you can keep your motor skills sharp. Just like the rest of your body your brain needs a good workout here and there. Anything you can do to stimulate the brain and make it learn something new will improve your brain functioning and overall health.