Causes And Symptoms Of Mild Cognitive Impairment

Mild cognitive impairment is known to be a stage in the progression of diseases like dementia. It is often known as the period between normal forgetfulness due to aging and the onset of dementia. Let’s explore this type of impairment in more detail and discuss some options concerning treatment.

People who have mild cognitive impairment my have some problems with thinking and memory functions. They may forget things very easily or become confused or distracted. However these symptoms do not generally impact the person’s day to day activities.

The people who suffer from this often realize that they have disability and they may take extra steps to overcome the impacts. For example if they tend to forget more frequently, they may take more notes to remind them of things they might otherwise forget.

And while this impairment is generally seen as the stage before dementia, not everyone who suffers from this develops dementia. But there are some common symptoms which are associated with mild cognitive impairment. They can include the following.

A person suffering from this may have difficulty focusing on more than one task at a time. While they had been able to multi task previously they find it very difficult to do so any longer. Their concentration ability is affected by this condition and this has an impact for the rest of their cognitive abilities such as their memory as one is linked to the other.

The sufferer may also have difficulty solving problems like mathematical equations or the like. And they may have a difficult time making decisions.

As indicated earlier, a common symptom of mild cognitive impairment is memory loss. They may forget recent events or conversations. It may also take a person longer to complete mental tasks than it used to.

If a person suspects they may be suffering from this, they should seek immediate medical attention. There are a number of diagnostic tests which can be administered to measure the degree to which a person is impacted by this.

However there are a number of techniques and treatments which can help to reduce and alleviate these symptoms. There are a number of drug therapies which show good promise here. And there are many natural supplements which can be taken to help to better nourish the brain and improve its function.

The brain needs exercise just like the rest of our bodies. So there are many drills and exercises which can be implemented to work the brain and improve its mental function. Some of these drills can be used to improve memory function while others are better suited for language development or special skills.

Some of the symptoms of this impairment can be further increased if the person has poor mental health. Depression is a major factor in this impairment so it’s important to try to stay busy, focused and happy. In this way the impacts of mild cognitive impairment can be minimized and the progression can hopefully be slowed significantly allowing the sufferer to lead a much more normal and fulfilling life for many years to come.