Brain And The Miracle Of Nature

The human brain is a true miracle of nature. It is the most complex organ in our bodies and controls virtually every part. Still, we don’t yet fully understand Linkhow our mind works. Researchers around the world are working diligently in understand and piercing some of its mysteries. Let’s discuss some more interesting details about the brain and how it impacts every aspect of our lives.

The brain controls the way in which we respond to external stimuli. Every thing we see, hear, touch and feel is controlled and interpreted by the brain. Brain research shows that if we touch something and it feels hot, the nerves in our fingers send a signal to our brains and it interprets the input as hot.

The brain then sends a signal to our hand to pull away from the hot object so we don’t hurt ourselves any worse than we might otherwise have to. The whole process occurs almost instantaneously with virtually no conscious effort on our parts.

But the thing we sets us apart from virtually all other animals is our ability to take in input and formulate decisions or actions based on limited input and information. Our ability to discriminate and make conscious decisions is an amazing task. Still, it is very important to note than a lot of our processes and daily routines are accomplished unconsciously. The unconscious mind plays a very important role in our life and determines many of our daily actions. It is interesting to understand how to bridge the gap between the conscious and the unconscious mind to try to control these actions.

Our brains also allow us to perform many higher level functions like language, visual response and interpretation, memory and many others. This is called cognitive functions and it is a truly amazing part of what the brain is able to do. It is what helps to make us who and what we are.

But even on a rudimentary level, the brain’s ability to control virtually every part of our bodies is an amazing thing. For example many functions are controlled without conscious thought. The brain tells our hearts to beat and how fast depending on the amount of exertion we are placing on our bodies. This is because it knows that if we are working harder, the heart has to pump faster in order to provide more oxygenated blood to our cells.

We would also automatically breathe faster so put more oxygen in the blood as well. Again as indicated earlier, these kinds of functions occur with virtually no conscious thought on our parts.

The technical magazines make a very big deal about modern computer’s ability to perform parallel processing. Well our brains do this all this the time. It is truly multitasking on steroids.

This is much we have learned about the manner in which our brains operate. But there is certainly much more to learn. We may never totally understand exactly how our brains operate but if we take care of it through good nutrition and effective stimulation, it should be able to enhance the quality of our lives for many years.