Design Document


Josh Joy and Erekose Craft

Intended Audience

Memory Blocks is geared towards males and females of age 14-22 who are looking for an action packed game with a bit of plot.

Length of Play

The total length of play for Memory Blocks is around 30-45 minutes.  Each of the three levels should take the player around 10-15 minutes of time to solve.  


Memory Blocks is intended for Windows 7 PC and Xbox 360.  Memory Blocks can be ported to Linux and Mac OSX because of MonoGame engine’s cross-platform support.


Memory Blocks is a fast paced 2D platformer beat’em up in which the player must fight their way through each level to reach the end.  Along the way they will collect power-ups and unique abilities to help them complete each level.


Marianne, a young woman with dark skin and hair as black as midnight, is taken from where she lives and cast through time and space, losing all of her memories. She must traverse worlds built from her scattered consciousness to recollect her memories to discover who she was and relearn everything she once knew.  Ultimately she encounters the villain who put her in this world and must defeat him in order to return to who she used to be or change who she will become.

User Experience

  • Upon hitting play the player will be presented the option to select a level, continue where they left off, or start a new game. From there the player can jump into the game or learn

  • If the player starts a new game they will be taken through the opening sequence and then placed in the first level where they will be given an introduction to the mechanics and how to use them.

  • From there they will complete levels until they reach the final level, or they can save and continue where they left off later.

  • If the player chooses to continue they will return to a point in the game where they last left off.  They can then resume play.

  • If the player chooses to select a level they will only play through that stage.  The game will return to the level select screen once they have completed the level.

  • After the player completes all three levels and defeats the villain they will have reached the climax of the drama.  The ending scene will be presented and the game will roll to credits.  

  • Alternatively if they lose at any time they will be asked if they wish to continue. If they select no, then the game will return to the main screen. If they select to continue then the level will return to either a checkpoint or the beginning of the level.


  • Various 2D menu Assets

    • Main Menu

      • Play

        • New Game

        • Load Game

        • Ingame Menu

      • Options

        • One Resolution

        • Volume Control

      • Character Info

    • Character Sprite Sheets

      • Enemies

        • Idle

        • Walk/Run

        • Attack

        • Surprise / Initiate

        • Jump

      • Player

        • Idle

        • Walk/Run

        • Dodge

        • Various Attacks

        • Jump

      • Villain

        • Idle

        • Walk/Run

        • Various Attacks

        • Jump

      • Interactables

      • Drops

  • Three Levels

    • Backgrounds for levels

  • Tiles for levels

    • Regular Tiles

      • Stone

      • Dirt

      • Grass

      • Paved

    • Special Tiles

      • Magma

        • 3-5 different versions for animation

      • Water

        • 3-5 variations for animation

      • Spikes

  • Item Icons

  • Music

    • Theme for each level

    • Main Menu Music

    • Cutscene Music

  • Sound Effects

    • Attack Sounds for player and enemies

    • Damage sounds for player and enemies

    • Environmental sound effects for each level

Estimate of Cost

  • Employees

    •   Estimations based on: (Entry Level assuming 40 hrs a week)

      • Artist $55k a year $26.44 an hour

      • Programmer $60k a year $28.84 an hour

    • Development period of 3 Months(roughly 13 weeks)

      • 2 Artist $13,750 each

      • 2 Programmers $15,000 each

    • Testing & QA: $2,000 using temp employees

    • Total Salary: $59,500

  • Licenses

    • Steam Greenlight Fee $100

  • Marketing

    • $15,000

      • $7,500 web ads

      • $7,500 Trailer’s for youtube

  • Total Estimated Cost

    • $74,600