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                                                                        October 2, 2008


Dr. Michel Tetreault

President and Chief Executive Officer

St.Boniface General Hospital

409 Tache Avenue

Winnipeg, Manitoba

       R2H 2A6


Dear Dr.Tetreault,


I write to specifically ask for an apology for the misdiagnosis of multiple personality disorder and consequent multiple personality disorder therapy I endured at the hands of Dr. Colin Ross, the Former Director of Psychiatry at the St.Boniface Hospital McEwen Building, and his staff under his direction.


In October 1986 a University of Manitoba Student Psych. Services counselor, (also his student at the time), arranged for me to bring in an unemployment insurance medical form to get my claim extended based upon stress. After only fifteen minutes in Dr. Colin Ross’ office he diagnosed me as suffering from multiple personality disorder, he then put out his hand to welcome me to MPD therapy, I put out my hand with the unemployment insurance form in it, he signed it and my life was never the same again.


My family was destroyed from the inevitable false accusations of sexual and ritual abuse that follow a diagnosis of MPD. My parents, both teachers, took early retirement. My family disowned me. My 10 year-old daughter was placed in foster care and secluded from her entire family until she reached adulthood to “protect” her from “the Satanic cult” Dr. Colin Ross informed CFS my family was involved in.


I could not complete my university degree because of the MPD therapy. I lost my home, lost my career, lost all of my friends, and nearly lost my life several times.


Today I am faced with this misdiagnosis every time I go to a hospital for any type of medical test so I am also asking for my hospital records to be sealed. I told my family doctor, Dr.Erhard that I was going to include in my request for an apology an additional request for my hospital records to be sealed and he emphatically agreed with me.


I am attaching medical assessments written by two of the world’s most highly respected experts regarding their own opinions that I do not have MPD, nor should I ever have been diagnosed with or treated for MPD. 


I believe I am owed an apology from the St.Boniface Hospital because this misdiagnosis and the subsequent therapy based on this misdiagnosis has ruined not only my life but has had a devastating affect on every member of my family, particularly my daughter who suffered terribly in foster care for eight years.


I thank you for your time and look forward to your response.




Ms. Roma Hart