Trivia Quiz

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1. With which song did Caroline open up its evening programmes in the late 70s?
c. "Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends ..." - ELP (Karn Evil 9 from their 1973 album "Brain Salad Surgery")

2. The station closed down its 259m medium wave broadcasts in ______ 1977.
a. March

3. Which of the following was not (to the best of my knowledge) advertised on the station?
c. Perrier Water

4. Caroline regularly plugged a record store in Norwich that went by the name of _____ Records.
b. Robin's (in Pottergate, Norwich)

5. At one time Caroline had a sales office in one of the following Spanish cities. Which one?
c. Madrid

6. In general, how long was each DJ's programme in the late 70s?
c. Three hours

7. What was the name of Caroline's very early morning programme?
b. Madrugada (see 'Spanish notes' below)

8. Which of the following Elvis songs was sometimes played on the station?
b. Suspicious Minds

9. Which of the following Beach Boys compilation albums did Caroline advertise?
b. 20 Golden Greats

10. Which of the following British TV journalists featured Caroline in one of their programmes?
a. Janet Street-Porter (on her London Weekend Television show)

11. What was the name of Mike Hagler's taped programme from the USA?
c. Spaceplay

12. Which album track did Mike Hagler use as backing for the "From a point at sea to the circles in your mind..." station ID, dating back to the mid 70s?
b. Billy Cobham - Stratus (from his album 'Spectrum' released in 1973)

Dear Sir!
Thanks for the Radio caroline test! Absolutely fantastic! However I answered a question and the answer happens to be wrong! The question about the Norwich record shop is actually Andy's record store!! Me and my wife grew up in norwich and were avid radio caroline fans grew up with andy's record store! So I hope this will be changed! Keep up the good work!
Tom UK Feb 2009

I think we're both right on this one. I remember Robin's records from 1977 but have also heard later airchecks with ads for Andy''s records.

Spanish Notes

Some tenuous links between Radio Caroline and Spain

By chance or by design Radio Caroline has had certain links with Spanish words and place names. There's Caroline's old broadcasting ship the "Mi Amigo" which of course means "My Friend" in English.

The Caroline Organisation set up base on the Costa Brava (N.E. Spain) in '74 after being ousted from Holland. You may remember the Caroline mailing address at A-321, Rosas, Gerona, Spain. A bit further down the Costa Brava lies Playa de Aro - "Platja d'Aro" in Catalan - where Radio Caroline's Flemish sister station Radio Mi Amigo had its studios.

From the "Trivia Quiz" you'll have seen that there was an early morning show on Radio Caroline called "Madrugada." This translates as "early morning," "dawn," or "daybreak." (A visitor to this site - Martin - pointed out that Madrugada was the title of a 1974 album by Melanie. On the cover it gives the explanation that Madrugada is the time between midnight and dawn and he suspects that this is where the idea came from.)

I stand corrected on the above. In fact, there's a Portuguese reference here, as Melanie's album title "Madrugada" is taken from the identical Portuguese word. Thanks to Brian Martin for clearing that up!

Moving back to the "Trivia Quiz," at the beginning of '77 Radio Caroline gave a sales address in the "Calle Suero de Quiñones" Madrid. A telephone number was also given.

Oh yes, almost forgot - the Caroline Newsletter mentions that behind the scenes staff, co-ordinators etc, each bore a code number based on Spanish numbers: "uno, dos, tres" etc.

On a calm North Sea       the current Mi Amigo temperature       is 15ºC. Tonights numbers are ...