2010 Wisconsin State Championship
Since 2005, held annually on the Saturday after Memorial Day.

Saturday, June 5th

James Madison Memorial High School in Madison, WI. 

Games begin at 10 AM.   Captain's Meeting at 9:15 AM.  Finals will be from 5-7 PM in Mansfield Stadium.  The rest of the schedule will be dictated by the number of teams who participate.

To register:

Registration Form

Online Rostering (by May 30th):

  • In order to use this feature  your players must be UPA members and you will need their UPA ID.
  • In order to submit your roster online:

    1. login at UPA.org
    2. choose "Online Rostering" on the UPA membership Home page
    3. click on "Create Roster".
    4. click on "Continue with Roster Creation" (if you have not created a team yet you will need to have all of your players names and UPA ID#s to continue)
    5. You can find the WI State Championship listed under "Championship Series Event"
    6.  Use the drop down menus to go to "High School" and "Wisconsin".  Hit select and you will see the hyper links to the girls and open events.
    7. Agree to the guidelines/rules
    8. Type in your team name, city and state.
    9. If you already have created a roster, click on "import roster".  If you have not created a roster yet click on "add players".
    10.  Follow the rest of the instructions.

 Bring the Following Information to the Event.


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