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Registration and Bid Payment Page

Date: April 25 and 26, 2015

Location:  James Madison Memorial High School in Madison, WI

Cost:  $300.  This includes:

  • Games Saturday and Sunday, ending at 3:30 on Sunday.
  • Trophies, champions T-Shirts; food, fruit and water on the fields; a professional trainer at the field all day Saturday and Sunday.
  • Dinner Saturday night.
  • Housing can be provided upon request.  Housing is provided by the Memorial player's Families. 
  • We will also be selling tournament jerseys, T-shirts, Discs, and other merchandise.
  • As with all outdoor sporting events, the MadisonMudBath can be canceled or altered due to weather.  The tournament is held on the athletic fields used by all Memorial high school teams during the spring and cannot be permanently damaged.  If this occurs we will be unable to provide refunds.


  • We will be accepting 16 open and 8 girl's teams.
  • This is a tournament for high school teams only.  Club teams and  players who are not currently attending high school are not eligible.
  • Participation is limited to one team per division for each high school. 
    • A school may place a second team in the open division if their program hosts an ultimate tournament during the current school year.
    • A school may place a second team on the waiting list of the girls division if their school hosts a girl's ultimate tournament during the current school year (the girl's division is treated differently because they only have 8 spots to work with).

Registration: Register at this page

  • This year we are moving to a bid system rather than the first registration, first invited system of the past.
  • New timeline:
    • Registration bids will be available starting on January 1st.
    • Bids will be accepted until February 12th.
    • Teams will be announced February 20th.
    • Tournament fees are due by March 10th (will be done on the Midwest Ultimate page here)
  • Criteria I wil be using to judge the bids that are sent in:
    • Past behavior at this tournament.
      • Spirit of the Game/tournament rules.
      • Reporting scores.
      • Behavior of coaches.
    • Teams bringing both a guys and girls team.
      • If you are entering a joint bid (1 open, 1 girls team) and a team needs to drop out of the tournament, the other team will also be removed from the tournament and placed on the waiting list.
    • Diversity (geographic, new schools, etc.).
    • Competitiveness.
    • Teams that host tournaments or do other activities to help the growth of the sport.
  • Registration form is no longer available.
  • Please note that the rules for registration are subject to change at the discretion of the tournament director.  If you have questions please feel free to contact me (Chris Olig
  • If you need to withdraw from the tournament after you have been given a spot you will only be given a refund if:
    • Another team can take your teams place.
    • And, the tournament director is notified of your withdrawal before March 15th.
You must also:
  • Have 2 Chaperons.  Chaperons must stay at the fields.


  • We assume that all teams at this event are here to play Ultimate.  Any violation of the following rules by any member of a team will result in the entire team being dismissed from the tournament.  Also, the team will not invited back at any future events hosted by Memorial High School.
  • No drinking, drugs, smoking or profanity on or off the fields.
  • No fighting.
  • Respect the facilities.
  • Chaperons must stay at the fields.
  • We remind everyone that many teams are traveling a long distance and we expect players to adhere to the philosophy of spirit of the game, playing every game competitively with respect for your opponent.
  • Rules for teams using housing provided by a Memorial Player:
    • Teams that request housing must use the housing provided.
    • Teams must obey any rules set by their host.
    • Players cannot shower at their host's house, but must shower in the school's locker room.
      • Players need to bring their own towels, shampoo, soap.
      • Players must leave the locker room as clean as possible.
    • Players should expect to be sleeping on the floor and should bring appropriate materials (sleeping bag, pillow, etc.).
    • The chaperon must stay with the team and is responsible for their behavior.
    • Bear in mind that there may be young children in the home and act accordingly. 
    • The team is responsible for their own transportation for the entire weekend.
Thank you very much, hope to see you there, hope for good weather!