Memorial's Indoor Bash
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Since 2010

Memorial Ultimate           MadisonMudBath         Wisconsin State Championship

Date:  January 9 and 10, 2010

Location:  James Madison Memorial High School Field House.  Madison, WI

Cost:  $250, this includes:

  • Games on Saturday and on Sunday, ending by 2:00 on Sunday.
  • Trophies for 1st and 2nd place; bagels, fruit and water on the fields; a professional trainer in the field house all day Saturday and Sunday.


  • This tournament is open to eight open high school teams.  Teams must have rosters that have 12-18 players
  • This is a tournament for high school teams only.  Club teams and players who are not currently attending high school are not eligible.
  • Participation is limited to one team per high school.
  • All teams are required to have at least one chaperon with them at all times.
  • To register please fill out the Registration Form and send it to Dan Raabe with a check.



  • Each match will be played kind of like a tennis match.
  • A single game will be played 3 vs. 3, with the score to 5, on a field the size of a basketball court.
  • Each match will be best of 7 (so in order to win you must win 5 games)
  • Before each match lines will be set and written down.  A player cannot play in a second game in one match until everyone on their team has played. 


  • We assume that all teams at this event are here to play Ultimate.  Any violation of the following rules by any member of a team will result in the entire team being dismissed from the tournament.  Also, the team will not invited back at any future events hosted by Memorial High School.
  • No drinking, drugs, smoking or profanity on or off the fields.
  • No fighting.
  • Respect the facilities.
  • Chaperons must stay in the field house.