Memory Trees : forget me not

We want to make a Fantasy Farming Game [BXG] [GXB]

Memory Trees is a RPG Life and Farming simulation game . It will be quite big. we plan for there to be shops where you can buy tools and also numerous items used for harvesting, planting, fishing, etc. The game will also feature events that will help increase your relationship with a number of bachelors/bachelorettes. We believe that this will take a long time to finish as we want to make a game that will make you happy and that you can enjoy.


JRPG Life+Farming simulation game , the game wil be in a 3D world

Our current plan is to do a free demo and then offer updates through our patreon

now Memory trees Alpha 6.3 is the public version

and Memory trees Alpha 8+ is for patreon

Why should you donate?

The game is still in development but it is constantly growing and changing. With your support, we hope to devote as much time and attention to it as we can to make it into the game it deserves to be.

Up until now, the game has mostly been a hobby, supported by only a few generous donors. With enough pledges, we can turn Memory Trees into a full-time project, meaning that we will be able to dedicate far more time and effort into expanding the game and start hiring more team members to grow and develop the game.

Patreon-rewards ( Update version )

Memory Trees, while not yet officialy rated, is planned to have a rating of Mature

( sex scenes will be similar to those in The Witcher 3 and Dragon Age).

There will also be a censored version aimed for kids and teens

since we understand that those age groups will want to play as well

All Reward sent in 15-16th

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