Memorial Flower Perpetual Care

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  Serving Muskogee , Cherokee and Wagoner Counties in Oklahoma

The BASIC package includes:
Two flower changes per year
  • May and September
The SEASONAL package includes:
Four flower changes per year
  • March - Spring
  • May - Memorial Day/Summer
  • September - Fall
  • December - Winter
Personalized packages available.

Personal check or Paypal accepted

BASIC package starts at
$59.95 Annually

Included FREE with every package:

Photo e-mail to you at each flower change
Headstone cleaning
(simple water bath)

There are many ways to show honor and respect when someone you love becomes a memory.

Our service offers a variety of affordable packages that can help you continuously show that honor and respect for the memory of the ones you love.

If you do not prefer a package, we offer SINGLE EVENT - one time arrangements such as Memorial Day only
Christmas only.

Holiday and Themed Event Specials can be substituted in the SEASONAL package for an additional charge.

EX:  A Christmas theme floral arrangement can be substituted for the Winter arrangement.

Holiday and Themed Event Specials include:
  • Valentine's Day
  • Independence Day
  • Birthday (balloons extra)
  • Mother's Day
  • Father's Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas    

Saddle flower arrangements also available

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Memorial Flowers and Gravesite Perpetual Care

The arrangements in our packages are designed for one or two vases.  Prices vary with number and size of the vases per headstone.

Garlands and hobby decorations are extra.

Special request?
Just give us a call...

The flower types colors and sizes are chosen and arranged at our discretion.  All details of the arrangements are carefully chosen designed and delivered with care, respect and ALWAYS with your satisfaction in mind.

Headstone cleaning is a simple water bath using only distilled water (no chemical cleaning agents) with absolutely no damage to headstone.

Grave site always looks fresh and well tended.  Excellent for family members who can not visit regularly.

Please call with any questions.