The Hooker's Daughter

Her story is about how to conquer challenges beyond those that have been made socially acceptable by society. The book is a study in human relations and emotions...Loved It. A Must Read!

Complete Review by Debolina Raja Gupta, critic for  (Click Here)

This is an engaging well-written and spectacular book and can definitely be an inspiration to those that read itA Great Story!

Complete Review by Joyce Oscar, critic for  (Click Here)  

Her every word is captivating, as it pulls you in for wanting to know what's next. ... I felt as though I was able to feel every emotion...A definite MUST READ

Complete Review by Ophelia Uke, author and motivational catalyst  (Click Here)

This book does indeed get 5 stars from me. I feel like it’s a story many need to read because it shows us how our choices affect others and how others choices affect us. There are very few people who wouldn’t be affected by this book in a good way. Complete Review by Katie Hale, critic for "You Brew My Tea" (Click Here)

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