Writing Project Lesson Plan

Writing Project Lesson Plan (Re)Design

Your final course project will require you to complete a four-part project centered around designing a writing project lesson plan. The lesson plan must be designed to include the use of technology as an integral part of teaching and learning. The four components of the project are:

1.     Major Project Unit/Module Curriculum (Re)Design (15%): The detailed outline/lesson plan of your unit must include unit/project outcomes, major assignment and activity prompts, grading rubric (at least for the major writing project), as well as a plan of how you will introduce, train, and support the technology you are requiring within the unit. You may select a unit/assignment that you have taught before and revise it, you may select a unit/assignment that you would like to teach that is currently offered and give it your own spin, or you may design a course that is your “dream” unit/assignment.

2.     Accompanying (Re)Design (15%): Everyone must complete at least one of the following accompanying aspects of the (re)design (PhD independent study students must do two, one of which must be the assessment option):

·       (Re)Design Assessment: To accompany your unit (re)design, you need to include a proposal for how you would assess the effectiveness unit. You can assess any aspect of the unit that you think might make an interesting contribution to your field(s) of study. We’ll discuss models of assessment during the course that you can draw upon for this portion of the project.

·       (Re)Develop Course Syllabus and Getting Started Materials: (Re)design a course to accompany your unit (re)design. Your course (re)design needs to be a complete course, with syllabus, outcomes, major assignments prompts, and detailed course schedule. Think about what you would need to have completed before the first day of class if you were teaching the course.

·       Class/Course/Department/Program Technology Use Survey: (Re)design a survey instrument to assess the technology access, ownership, and usage patterns of students in your class/course/department/program. Provide detailed schedule of when and how the survey would be distributed, include details about meeting human subject review requirements. Discuss how the data would be analyzed and used by you and/or your department/program.

·       Workplace Training (Re)Design: Revise your unit (re)design as a workplace training module.

3.     Scholarly Narrative (15%): To accompany your unit (re)design, you will write a scholarly narrative to explain the design of the major assignment and unit and to put it into the context of your field(s) of study. Whose work are you building on? What options did you have, and why did you make the choices you made? Think about both the content of the unit and the design of the unit. Situate your unit in current scholarly discussions and show how your work makes a contribution to those ongoing discussions. Similarly, you will need to also need to write a narrative about your accompanying (re)design option.

4.     Summative Presentation (5%): Ignite style presentation summarizing/reflecting on final project (during finals week meeting). Ignite presentations are 5 minutes with 20 slides; the slides are timed to transition every 15 sections.

TBA: Rubric. Due: meeting during Finals week.