What is Memecoin [MEM]?
 Memecoin is an alternate virtual cryptocurrency made for users to share, mine and trade.

How many Memecoins are there?
Approx 200 million Memecoins will be created
100m coins made first year
50m coins made second year
25m coins made third year continuing down in 1/2 subsidies yearly

Block Rewards-
1-2 Premine Bounties
 3 -5000  @ 500 Coins Per Block
5000-10000 @ 250 Coins Per Block
>10000 100  @ Coins Per Block

Orphans and rejects are part off the fun so starting difficulty 0.00003052

Block times are targeted at 30 seconds with difficulty increasing every 600 blocks (5Hrs). Confirms every 25 blocks.

 How to Mine Memecoins?
Download the client for your platform below.
Windows qt Client -
Source 1 http://www.mediafire.com/download/rdfbd3h1br3yod3/memecoin-qt.zip
Source 2 https://mega.co.nz/#!vAtinRZQ!cvpnrxuvU0rZgdpJ0mz3iU8b1hRYinvIgGPkQ6gKu6s
Source Code http://www.mediafire.com/download/kp00xip8pv429rb/memecoin-master.zip
Windows users. Download and extract the files to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\memecoin
Create a config file by right clicking in the new folder, select text document and type the following

Click save as, change the format down the bottom from .txt to all files, name the file memecoin.conf and save. Start the memecoin-qt client

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Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/memecoins
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Official Website memecoin.org

Pools- 15K Memecoin x 4 - 60K Bounties - Max 2 Bounties Per Person
Webpages- 3K x10 - Webpage must contain all relevant data- Limit 3 Per Person - 30K Bounties
Blockchain Browser - 10K x 2 - 20K Bounties
Faucet 10K x 4 - 40K Bounties
Games/Bombs 10K x 3 - 30K Bounties
Website adopting Memecoins 20K x 3 - 60K Bounties
Memecoin Wikipedia Page 5K - 5K Bounties
Links in from web pages to annouce post  .5k x20 10K Bounties.
Twitter Followers- First 100 to follow us and tweet at us @memecoins and their address get 100 Memecoins each. https://twitter.com/memecoins
Facebook - First 100 users to post their Memecoin Address to our wall receives 100 Memecoins each. https://www.facebook.com/memecoin

Pools, webpages, faucets, browsers, games, adoption, wiki, webpage and links post relevant links below to receive payout.

Twitter followers and facebook followers will be responded there.