How to Spot a Fake Locksmith

When you hire a locksmith, you basically hire the services of a stranger who will gain access to
your home. Entrusting your home’s security to an impostor can have costly consequences
because you become vulnerable to theft and other crimes. Taking precautionary measures
when hiring a locksmith can help you avoid the dangers of dealing with fraudsters and thieves.
Here are some tips on how you can spot and identify a fake locksmith:

Fake Locksmiths may not Mention Their Company Name when You Call Them

It is essential that you know how to identify scammers particularly if you use the internet to
search for a locksmith. According to Barry Roberts, a lawyer who represents the Associated
Locksmiths of America, a number of the websites that show up in the search results when you
Google “locksmith” are not legitimate. When you call a locksmith by phone, be wary when you
are greeted with the generic “locksmith services” rather than with a company name because it
is likely that you are not calling a legitimate locksmith. You also need to watch out for those
who do not mention their services as well as their company name because there are
possibilities that the person at the other end of the line is a member of a group that advertises
various services under different company names.

Watch out for Suspiciously Low Price

In order to increase their chances of getting the job, fake locksmiths may go beyond trimming
the price of their services. Remember that these fraudsters are not really after your payment so
they do not care about giving rock bottom rates. All they want is to gain entry to your home
and identify its vulnerabilities.

Legitimate Locksmiths Wear Uniforms and Use Vans with Company Logo

Legitimate companies provide their staff with uniforms and vans with the company logo to
identify them. It is crucial that you check this whenever you call for locksmith services. Be
wary of service providers that arrive driving a van that does not have the insignia of their

Reputable Locksmiths have a License

A legitimate locksmith knows the important of having a license and
certification so avoid locksmiths who are reluctant to show you their documents because there
is a strong possibility that they are not who they claim to be. Qualified locksmiths would
provide their professional identification and other credentials to you upon their arrival.