Food Services

    Just a quick note from Melville Minor Ball’s Canteen.

      In a few days, your team will visit our community and participate in one of Canada’s biggest 3 day tournaments.

     We look forward to your visit and wish to make your stay a great one.

      Along with beautiful ball parks, good umpiring and an overall fantastic atmosphere, Melville Minor Ball offers a wide variety of food at their canteen in the Regional Park.

      Not only are there the usual Harvest hotdogs and  Co-op ¼ lb. burgers (smothered in fried onions and cheese), we also offer ham and eggers (breakfast only) , taco in a bag , chili and BBQ Beef on a Bun. Scroll down to check out the  price list of some of our products. We hope you enjoy the Melville experience and support our volunteer canteen, as all proceeds go directly back to our Minor Ball system.
     See you on the ball diamond!!!!!
    Canteen Manager
    Calvin Bucsis


                (while they last)


    For Breakfast - 7am to 10:30 Saturday and Sunday

    Eggers  -----  $2.50

    Ham and Eggers    ----- $3.00


    Lunch Specials- From 11 AM

    Taco in a Bag … $5.00

    Chili and a Bun - $4.00 – Saturday

    Chili Cheesedog - $4.00 - Saturday

    Beef on a Bun …$4.00  - Saturday and Sunday



    1/4 lb. Co-op Burgers*            $3.50

    1/2 lb.Double Burger*               $6.00

    Harvest Hotdogs*                      $3.25

    *Add Cheese for only                $0.25                          

    Gatorade                                    $2.50

    Pop or Juice (cans)                    $1.50

    Nachos and Cheese**                $3.00

    **Add Chili  for only                 $1.00

    Water or Coffee                         $1.25

    Milk (2% or Choc.)                   $2.00                                                 

    Chocolate Bars                          $1.50

    Freezies                                      $0.50 

    Ice Cream Sandwich                  $1.00

    Fudgesicle or Revel                   $1.00

    Spitz Seeds                                 $2.50


                Thank you for supporting

                      Melville Minor Ball