How to make your Page Creator web site make money for you.

This page will teach you how to incorporate Google Adsense into your website.

1. Sign up for Google Ad Sense.

2. Select which product you want to advertise on your site.

Adsense for content

- Google will put relevant ads on your site depending upon your site's content.

Adsense for Search

- Install a Search box on your site. When visitors search for content, ads will be served on the results page.


- Recommend products to your visitors if they sign up you get paid. You can select from Google products to other third party products.

Adsense for Mobile

- Serve Ads to those visitors on mobile devices.

3. Choose the format of the ad. (e.g. size, color, image, text etc.)

4. Take the html code Google gives you and copy it. Now go to Page Creator and select where you want your ads displayed.

5. Click edit html and paste the code.

6. Publish the page and view live.

7. You should see ads like this:

8. For safer browsing try using Firefox.Congratulations! You are now ready to get paid!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.