Ryhope Compton 3/9 v2 Cinema Pipe Organ sample set for Hauptwerk v4.2

British Virtual Cinema Pipe Organ sample set for Hauptwerk.
  • John Compton British Theatre / Cinema Pipe Organ
  • 3 Manuals + Pedal
  • Main and Solo chambers
  • 9 Ranks, tuned percussions, plus toy counter (24-bit 48khz)
  • Sampled Tremulants
  • Multiple Releases (Semi Dry, Moist, and Wet)
  • Console View, Stops View, and Crescendo View
  • Hauptwerk Wind Model

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Stop View (click for larger image)
Stops View

From the Unit Orchestra days of the silent movie palaces and theatres of the early twentieth century through to the cinema and theatre pipe organ musical revival on radio and stereophonic LPs of the 60s and 70s, the Cinema Pipe Organ has played orchestral and popular music to thousands of people all over the world. The Ryhope Compton Cinema Pipe Organ sample set introduces the Compton Theatre Organ sound to the international Hauptwerk organ playing audience, reproducing the sound of this organ as captured from a high quality stereo microphone position in the Ryhope Community Hall. As such, the Ryhope Compton 3/9 Theatre Organ sample set for Hautpwerk is a ‘sampled wet’ set. This means that the audio acoustic (reverb) of the Ryhope Hall was recorded along with the sound of the individual pipes that are used to create the samples. We have taken those releases and digitally remastered them for two smaller reverb options. For this reason, the Ryhope Compton 3/9 Theatre Organ sample set does not need reverb added to it while playing. This makes the sample set ideal for Hauptwerk users and for those who have a simple stereo or headphone based Hauptwerk environment. Multiple audio channel users will also enjoy the natural acoustic, and can make use of the Semi-Dry edition to maximize their experience. The samples are released in 24-bit 48khz stereo quality, providing a clear reproduction of the sound of the organ. The Hauptwerk wind model has been activated in this sample set in order to provide additional realism when playing the sample set.

Hauptwerk Sample Set.
This sample set has been created by Melotone Sound Productions, a sampling venture currently incorporating the talents of Carl Heslop and Graham Goode, in association with and by kind permission of the Sunderland Theatre Organ Preservation Society who own and manage the organ. A portion of the sales of the sample set belong to the Sunderland Theatre Organ Preservation Society.