Composite English Cathedral Organ

During my experimental CODM phase in Hauptwerk v3 I created a custom composite Free English Cathedral Organ using samples from four 'English' style virtual organs - the St Anne's Mosely (the sample set that comes with Hauptwerk), the St Stephen's and St Augustine's Anglican Churches (from Nick Appleton in Australia), and the Prudhoe Methodist Church.  The purpose of this composite organ was to experiment with creating mixtures from combining individual ranks as one would do in a pipe organ chamber.

The original CODM organ used the old v3 version of the St Anne's. I have now updated the CODM to use the new v4 version, but have not configured it to use multiple releases as the other sample sets are not multi-release.

Console View: (Click on the image to see the full sized image)
Composite English Cathedral Organ

Demo Tracks
Choir and Organ : ChoirAndOrgan.mp3

Trumpet and Organ Improvisation : TrumpetAndOrgan.mp3

Required Installed Sample Sets
St Anne's, Moseley, UK (installed with Hauptwerk v4.00).
St Augustine's Anglican Church, Neutral Bay, Australia.
St Stephen's Anglican Church, Penrith, Australia.
Prudhoe Methodist Church Northumberland, UK.

The sample set will load in the Free Edition of Hauptwerk v4 if all the samples are loaded as MONO and set to load only the first release and reverb truncation is used.
(Click on the image to see the full sized image)
As the natural reverb for each of the four sample sets is different, we recommend that you use the reverb truncation setting in Hauptwerk and then apply added reverb externally (through a reverb VST or within your audio system). We also recommend that you play this composite sample set with at least the Basic Edition as you will need the higher polyphony. If you have the Advanced Edition then you can load the sample set in Stereo and use multiple loops for the ranks that have them. 


Order Form:
To order the HW4 installation file for this composite organ please go to the Sample Set Order Page to select this organ and fill in your information, and we will send you the link to download the sample set.