Barton 3/12

The Barton 3/12 takes the ranks from the Redford Barton 3/10 and extends them. In addition the two string ranks were recorded together, and this created the Solo Strings for the virtual Solo chamber. The stop list was also extended, creating a virtual theatre organ specification that provides an incredibly robust ensemble in addition to the solo voices. 

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The update for the Hauptwerk v4.1 Piano Sustain issue can be downloaded from: Barton3-12UpdateforHW4.1-v1.00.CompPkg_Hauptwerk_rar .

Please Note: This is a SEMI-WET theatre organ sample set. Some of the acoustics of the Redford Theatre are part of the release portions of the samples, so if you are using additional reverb you will either need to use Hauptwerk's truncate release settings to make the ranks more dry, or you will need to reduce your external reverb.

The samples are in 16-bit 48khz Stereo, and the set uses recorded tremulant samples, not the Hauptwerk tremulant model.

The Stop List: Barton 3-12 Specification

Console View (click on the image to load the full size):

Stops View (click on the image to load the full size):

Second Touch View (click on the image to load the full size):

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The following ranks were recorded by and are the property of Joe Hardy:
Viole d’ Orchestre
Vox Humana
Oboe Horn
Auto Horn, Steam Boat, Chinese Gong, Thunder
The microphones (AKG 414 BULS) were positioned about twenty feet into the auditorium.

The following ranks were recorded by and are the property of Lynn Walls:
Tibia 16' Extension
Tuba 16' Extension
Bell, Siren, Bird Song, Fire Gong, Snare Drum
Solo Strings

The Noise Reduction of these ranks was done by Graham Goode ( using Nick Appleton's Noise Reduction application. The photos used to great the graphics were provided by Paul Jacyk and Lynn Walls. The looping and placement of release makers within the samples was done by Graham Goode. The Hauptwerk CODM and rank extensions within the Hauptwerk sample set were created by Graham Goode.  The Piano Sustain and Crescendo programming for the ODF were created and added by Al Morse.