Melotone Sound Productions

Melotone Sound Productions is a Hauptwerk sample set production company formed to create quality sample sets of Theatre Pipe Organs and Classical Pipe organs. We partner with other organizations to bring these sample sets to the public. 

Theatre Organ (VTPO):

Compton Cinema Organs

Barton Theatre Organ Series

Classical / Church (VPO):

Custom CODM work.
I have also done customization work of Hauptwerk sample sets using the CODM. If you are interested in creating a conglomerate organ, or customizing a specification, please contact me at (at)

Future Projects
As indicated in the top paragraph, I am willing to work in partnership with other people and other organizations to produce virtual organ sample sets. See our Work in Progress page for information on what we are currently busy with.

If you know of an organ that would be a good candidate for sampling, and can arrange for permission to sample it, I am willing to work with you to create the sample set. I use two models for involvement in projects; 1) Collaboration on sets that will be released as Donationware and under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license. 2) Collaboration on sets that will be commercial and will return 15% or more of the sale profit to the organization that owns the organ. Please contact me at (at) for more information.

We are currently in the process of negotiating with local South African Churches to create heritage sample sets of church organs. If you know of a church that has a significant organ, please contact me and let me know the contact details of the church so that we may approach them for permission to create a heritage backup of the sound of their organ, and to offer them a 15% profit-share in any sales of the resulting sample set.