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The Pet Star page is a dedicated place for a special rescue in need of a forever family. Please fill out an adoption application form if you can provide one of these lovely kitties with a home. If you'd like to foster a kitty instead, please fill out the foster application.

Pluto is a young, smart, handsome guy. He has been waiting for a home for a while, so we'd like to get this big guy out of his cage at our Petsmart shelter and into a proper home.

Pluto is very smart. He knows his name and will whip his tail a bit when you say it. He also is a "communicator". He definitely likes to talk to us and tell us his deep, kitty thoughts. You can hear him chirping at us when we're volunteering at the shelter. He always wants someone to come hang out with him. When we let him out of his cage, he'll wander around until he gets sleepy, and then lays down close to us, but not right next to us.

Pluto needs to be in an adult-only home with an experienced cat owner. He gets overstimulated and can react to too much petting and attention. If you are the kind of person who wants a cat who will just hang out by you, maybe watch TV with you or just chill with you while you play video games, Pluto is the guy for you. If you're looking for a lap cat or a cuddle bug, Pluto might not fit the bill.

Pluto has been with us for a while because we want to make sure he gets to be THE kitty for the right person. Are you that person who is willing to give Pluto a chance? He really deserves one!

Here is his photo, in which you can see is a handsome tuxedo kitty. He has really cute white "paint dip" toes and gorgeous olive eyes.

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