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The Pet Star page is a dedicated place for a special rescue in need of a forever family. Please fill out an adoption application form if you can provide one of these lovely kitties with a home. If you'd like to foster a kitty instead, please fill out the foster application.

Indigo is a pretty and young kitty from the tough streets of Chelsea. This green-eyed, short haired cutie pie is currently in residence at our small shelter at the Petsmart in Saugus on Rt. 1.

When we open the door to her cage, Indigo will hop out of her cage, go for a little stroll, and then hope on our laps. She brushes her face against our hands and gives us a few "love bites" in returns. She likes to nibble on us.

Indigo doesn't particularly love other animals. As much as her top bunk mate, Holly, tries to make friends with her, Indigo isn't having it. She also can get spooked quickly and might paw you. For that reason, we're looking for an adult-only home for her.

Are you and Indigo waiting for each other? Indigo needs someone to love her and take care of her for the rest of her life. She is looking for an experienced, patient owner who can be her kitty-whisperer. In return, Indigo would like to sit on her new owners lap and get all the hugs and cuddles she can get.

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