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Guardian Angels Fund

Below are cats in need of Guardian Angels.  Each cat is in long term foster care because of illness or behavior issues.  Please consider donating to the specific cat that is in need of a Guardian Angel.  A contribution of $150 covers 1 year worth of food, litter and love.  Online contributions use secure PayPal.  If you wish to mail a donation then visit the Contact page.

Say Hello to Helen!
was rescued as a kitten with her other siblings by a dumpster in Waltham.
All were undernourished and very scared.  The kitten that was very thin was Helen.  The rescuer noticed that her eyes were closed and guessed that she had a severe eye infection.  However, Helen was born without eyes.

As you can see from the pictures, Helen is now a young adult cat and doing well.  She’ll be in our long term foster home forever.

If you would like to be Helen’s Guardian Angel then click on the Donate button.

Say Hello to Baby and her 6 kittens!!!
This is Baby and her 6 kittens....Baby came in with a broken jaw after having been bitten by a pit bull.  The dog and Baby shared a home, but after the kittens were born, Mom would not let anyone or anything near her kittens.
The dog came too close and Baby attacked and was grabbed by the head...luckily all she suffered was a jaw broken on both sides, not a crushed skull as any pit bull could have easily done.  Baby's owners could not afford the vet bill to have her fixed and could not care for her with her jaw flapping and her drooling and having a problem eating.  That was when a MHS foster mom stepped in and took Mom and her kittens.  Baby was fed with a dropper for awhile, then fed from a spoon until she could manage to lick up her own food.

All the kittens were adopted when they were old enough to be fixed and vaccinated, but Mom continued to have problems with her mouth.  The vets were most helpful, but this is an ongoing problem....not completely fixed even now 2 years later.  SO, we have decided to keep Baby as one our cats in need of long term care and make her one of our cats in need of a Guardian Angel.

Say Hello to Bullet!!!!
This is Bullet....because when he is trying to avoid people, he is fast as a bullet!  He is a good cat with other cats, good with dogs, but people - he wants nothing to do with people...He is quite a clown as you can see.  He is always getting into something...he
can't pass up a loaf of bread left on the table...he just HAS to eat the top off 6 or 7 slices - not the whole piece, mind you, just the tops.  He was born behind McDonald's in Saugus and trapped as a young cat.  I believe he lived on the discarded hamburger buns and hamburgers found there for a long time.

Thus, he thinks of ANY bread as being a life-saving thing and never passes up a chance to get some.  We have him long term resident in his foster home and he needs a Guardian Angel since we will not put him down....

Say Hello to Hannah!!!!
This is Hannah...found in Salem 2 years ago.  She was found in a box on the sidewalk and very near death.  A woman had called one of the MHS foster moms to say, that she found this cat just lying on the grass.  The cat seemed near death because she would not get up, move or even pay attention to anything. 
She was taken to the foster home, given fluids.  She did not want food.  She would not move.  The next day, she went to the vet and they found she given birth a short while ago and had 1 kitten that was retained.  She was full of infection and needed surgery and antibiotics and a warm, safe place to try to recover.  After several weeks, she seemed to be getting better and was allowed with the other cats......SHE HATES OTHER CATS... She is still in her foster home, but the others give her a wide berth.  She is VERY feisty and will not allow any other cats near.  They have learned to avoid her and she has found her OWN sleeper spots and always eats alone.  She is one tough girl!  She does not like to be handled and does not enjoy being with people...but, we think she deserves to be able to live her life and we are making her one of our long term residence need of a Guardian Angel....(and a new personality).

Say Hello to Lila!!!
This is Lila.  Also known as 'Mary' - sort for 'Typhoid Mary' as my family calls her.  She is the sweetest cat with a personality that finds joy in everything....'oh, there's a piece of string on the floor...(play,play,play), 'oh, there's a speck of dust floating in a sunbeam....(play,play,play); 'oh, there's a bag on the floor - what fun!!!!'  She reaches out to grab your clothes when you walk by - just to say 'Hi' and see if she can get a few belly rubs.  She loves to sleep on your lap anytime you will let her. 
She is great with the other cats - LOVES the dogs and plays and plays with them....BUT, when she starts sniffling - WATCH OUT!  When she sneezes, the most awful stuff comes out of her nose and goes everywhere!  We have worked with our vet for quite a while to see if this condition can be fixed - or even improved, but it is not to be.  They say she has chronic upper respiratory condition and it just does not get better or go away.  She will be staying in her foster home for all of her life and she is need of a Guardian Angel....

Say Hello to Mina!!!
This is Mina....she is about 3 years old.  She was returned from her adoptive home because she does NOT use kitty litter! 
She does not use the plain litter, scoop able litter, no scent litter, wheat litter, pine litter, or just, she likes to use the floor BESIDE the litter pan.  That is a problem, but not so much of a problem as if she used the couch or the clean clothes basket for a litter, her foster mom just makes sure to clean up after her.  We do not want to place her in another home, because a new mom may not have so much patience with her and might just put her out....she does not deserve that.  She is going to be one of our long term need of a Guardian Angel, of course.

Say Hello to Mr. Orange!!!
This is Mr. Orange.  He is much younger in this he is over 10 years old.  He had two homes...the first owner gave him up when she moved to a smaller apartment and could not take him; that was when Melrose Humane took him into a foster home and found a new home for him.  The next owner had him for 4 years then gave him up 2 years ago when he developed stomatitis - a problem with his teeth and gums.  He has to
have dentistry every year to remove offending teeth and keep his gums from bleeding and causing him problems when he eats.  The foster mom has to keep an eye on him to notice when he is having a problem eating and have his teeth cleaned and removed if necessary, so he will be comfortable again.  Most people do not want to take on the health problems of an older cat, so this guy will be with us for all his day....he needs a Guardian Angel....

Say Hello to Natasha!!!!
This is Natasha.  She was given up when she was 9 years old by a woman who was moving and could not take her.  She is about 13 years old now.  She is also CRAZY.  She swipes food right out of your hand if you let her near you.  She puts her paws up on our TV tables when we are eating supper, sniffs to see what is good on our plates, line up her plan of attack, then WHAM that paw swipes something right off the plate. 
I have learned to cut some meat in little pieces that I can let her 'steal' from the the TV table and that seems to satisfy her for the 'kill'.  She grabbed a piece of baloney right out of my hand as I was on my way from the fridge to the bread to make a sandwich.....luckily I didn't lose a finger!  It is never safe to offer her anything with your fingers....But, she is very lovable otherwise.  She loves to sleep on my lap when I am watching TV.  She is OK with the other cats - she lets them know their place.  But since she can be dangerous if you don't know her ways, and since she is so old now, we have made her a long-term resident in her foster home....she needs a Guardian Angel since she will live out her life right there....

Say Hello to Wooby!!!!
This is Wooby.  He is about 6 years old now.  He came to Melrose Humane as a feral kitten and has not changed much.  Out of a litter of 4, he was the most fearful.  He hides
all the time. He is convinced we are going to eat him for supper any night now.  He has made friends with 2 or 3 other cats in his foster home, but is frightened of his own shadow.  He would not make a good pet for anyone since they would never find him.  He will stay in his current foster home for as long as he lives.

He needs a Guardian Angel....