Melrose Humane Society is a registered non profit that relies on donations from people like you to ensure that the animals we rescue receive proper medical care and basic life necessities, such as food and shelter. We're 100% volunteer-run, so 100% of your donation goes towards our rescued animals.

Additionally, we provide spay/neuter surgeries for rescued cats in our care. Finally, some of our kitties need long term foster care; these kitties need Guardian Angels.

How far does a donation go?

  • A donation of $60 can fund a spay / neuter surgery for one of our rescues.
  • A donation of $150 can provide food for a whole year for one of our long-term foster cats, who might end up living with a volunteer their whole lives. You can be a Guardian Angel of one of our long term foster care cats by donating $150.
  • Any amount is appreciated!

Your donations to us are tax-deductible. Donate online today.