World Map of Horses

ever wondererd were your favorite horses came from?

We are working on a world map of horses so what we'll do is make a list of horses, real and fiction, then say a little bit about them and what country they came from. Hope you enjoy it! 

 Excuse us if we put the horses under the wrong country we not the experts at horse countrys thats why we need your help. so send us in what you know about horses around the world.


United Kingdom

Black Beauty was born in U.K (Black Beauty is not a horse in real life although many horses look like him and some share the same name as him). Black Beauty is a fantastic story of betrail, friendship and trust. Visit your local library and I'm know you will find him there in a book movie or dvd! Black beauty is a old classic novel, and I think every horse lover should see this wonderful and amazing story!


New Zealand/ Australia 

Phar Lap, a giant chestnut thoughbred gelding, is considered by many to be New Zealand greatest racehorse, and is a much loved national icon in both New Zealand and Australia, where he was trained and raced. At the time of his sad death in 1932, Phar Lap was the third highest stake-winner in the world. he was born in the south island of New Zealand which is now marked with his statue.

After his purchase Phar Lap was taken to Australia to race, so we cant really put him under one country inparticular. Thhis muched love racehorse is displayed at the melbourne museum. Everyone misses one of the best racehorses of all time, the amazing, the beautiful; Phar Lap.