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Current News:
Well what a start to 2010 with the fabulas fireworks from around the world! Even though it's past christmas you can still find some fun tips and facts for 2010 in our christmas mag, (see current mag). From all of us at the Utterly Horsez Club we would like to wish you and your horse a very happy and horsey 2010!

Gotta gallop,

Utterly Horsez Club... 

Posted on 19/01/10

Old News:

Finally Finished Christmas 2009 Mag!

We have spend ages on this mag and we have finally finished! It has heaps of interesting articles and some christmas ones too! Also this mag has a gift shop! Right now it is in the printing process, it will be available for purchase using paypal from this site or by mail by the 5th or 6th of December. Unfortunately this might be our last magazine as we are all off to high school and probably wont see each other much, we will try our best to keep the mag running though. We hope you enjoy the new mag!

Gotta gallop,

Utterly Horsez Club... 

Posted on 30/11/09


Winter Mag finally done and page moved to Google Sites!

We finally finished our Winter 09 mag and it is jam packed full of interesting articles, fun and games, art and craft ideas and more! If you would like a copy go to current mag and order through PayPal. If you don't have PayPal just send the money in stamps. We are so excited about our current mag and hope you will enjoy it. Also we have started producing the next mag, Christmas Edition, 09 and it will be our first mag with a Gift Shop!!! 

In other news we have finally been moved to google sites, so if any of the pages layout or text looks weird just let us know and we will fix it. If you were wondering how to make your own site, Google sites is now welcoming more users. All you need is a Gmail account and your ready to go

Also congratulations to Shocking for winning the 2009 Melbourne Cup!

posted 16/10/09

New mag - coming soon and merchandise - 

almost ready!!!

Hay there website viewers, once again we're sorry we haven't spoke for a while, because we've started making the next mag coming out no later than May.

There is a new page that is going to be in our next mag, it is the gift shop page!!! It will probably include:

  • Animal Placemats     $2.00 + $1.10 postage
  • Horse Placemats     $2.00 + $1.10 postage
  • Animal bookmarks    $1.00 each*
  • Horse bookmarks    $1.00 each*  
  • Girl/Boy bookmarks   $1.00 each*
  • Postcards - small  20c each or 10 for 1.50*
  • Poscards - large   50c each or 5 for $2.00*
  • Keyrings  3.50 each or 3 for $10.00*

* no extra postage costs        

and possibley more.

If you haven't already got our previous mag, why dont you get it!? It will make a really good birthday pressie for a horsey person! And along with the mag you could get some merchandise to add to that fantastic gift!

Don't forget if you have any suggestions for our next magazine or any articles you'd like to go in, we'd love to hear them, and we'll probably add them! Also if you have any comments or questions about anything we'll answer them. Also if you would like one of your articles, drawings or comments to go in our next mag, dont hesitate, also please enter our comps! We've got some pretty cool prizes and in our last issue no one entered the competitons so we got to keep the cool prizes for ourselves, dont let that happen again! So if you enter you have a pretty good chance of winning, so go ahead!

(competitions from last magazine are still temporarily open because we got no entries)

Gotta gallop,

Utterly Horsez Club... 

Posted on 26/2/09


Utterly Horsez Mag now avalible!

Hay there website viewers, sorry we haven't updated the website for a long time we've just been really busy with other stuff. But guess what?! Our 2nd mag is finally done!!! It is avalible now for $3.00* (*plus $1 postage). It is incredible, much better than our first magazine which to be honest wasn't exactly, well amazing. Anyway if you would like to order a copy please email us at melovehorses@gmail.com (you may be able to pay differently we might soon be getting paypal). We honestly can't belive its finally done. There are a couple mistakes but otherwyse it is quite good. But you better order one quickly, they're selling quitefast.

On other news, our school recently had a fun food & carols. (Just a fun event with fun, food, carlos, stalls etc) Anyway we had a stall there and we were selling stuff for the RSPCA and guess how much we raised for the RSPCA animals?! 30c less than $80!!! ($79.70)! We're so happy we raised so much for this fantastic chairity.

Also (last thing) almost got merchandise!!! Here is a list of the things we are going to have:

  • Animal Placemats     $2.00 + $1.10 postage
  • Horse Placemats     $2.00 + $1.10 postage
  • Animal bookmarks     50c+55c postage ($1 is ok)
  • Horse bookmarks     50c+55c postage ($1 is ok)  
  • Girl/Boy bookmarks     50c+55c postage ($1 is ok)

More coming soon, sorry these are not yet avalible until we get paypal which should be early next year, sorry for any inconvinence.

Gotta gallop,

Utterly Horsez Club...

Summer Mag coming soon!

We are almost done the Summer 2008 magazine! It most definately will include lol horses-decorated horse drawings, a review on Equitana Asia Pacific,Comps and Quizzes, the perfect horse party, all about getting a horse( how to convince you parents to buy a horse, how to find you perfect horse and how to look after one). It will cost 3.95 and 3.45 for members of the Equine Lovers club if they use they're voucher. Believe it or not 50c goes to the RSPCA from each magazine sold! To make thing even better, when you buy a magazine you get a free horse sticker sheet!

Click here to see a front cover preview

 Posted on the: 11/10/08


December 2008 magazine:

We have started working on our next magazine. It will include, how to's, horsy drawings, fun activities, comps and more-it's a work in progress. The price is $3.95 To make things even better when you buy the december magazine, you get free horse sticker sheet!

Posted on the: 19/9/08


One of our club members is going to Equitana Asia Pacific. Equitana is like the melbourne show, except all about horses! People say its a horse lovers paradise, it has horsy stalls entertainment, exhibitions, learnng sessions and much more!

Also we've gone australia wide!

 Posted on the 31/8/08


Horsewyse came out today and we're actually in it! We simply cannot belive it! (btw were on pg 22). You can get horsewyse from some newsagents. Also 110%horses/Emma (one of the members of the horse club came runner up, in the show us your horsy bedroom competition.

Posted on the 18/8/08

New mag & horsewyse:

We cannot wait until the horsewyse issue comes out in mid august!

 Did you know we have officially gone victoria wide and we will shortly be Australia wide?!?!?! :)

Also there will be a new magazine coming out it will be roughly 14 pages, $2.70 and should be out by November, (it takes a long time to make!) contact us at melovehorses@gmail.com if you would like to order one, as the copies go fast and we cannot afford too many. Posted on the 23/7/08

Horsewyse article:

Guess what... We're going to have a page in the september horsewyse magazine! this is their site; www.horsewyse.com.au

You can also find it in the horsy links! We are so exited because it is a very popular Australia wide magazine!!! :P

Posted on the 13/7/08