Animal Gallery!

Animal Photos and Drawings

Here is a gallery for animals if you want to put any photos or drawings in e-mail us at:

 Elly sent us in some great photos of her 3 Horses, Cat and Dog:

This is Elly's cat named Jasper     and her Dog named Chester!   

This is one of her horses named Can-do (AKA Kenny)

This is Dancer, but unfortunetly she had to be sold

And this is her riding Nathan



Yay we finnally got more animal pictures from people! These are pictures of they're cats. Moka is the brown cat, and Flik is the white one. They are sooo cute! They look absolutely adorable!

How cute are these!!!!?????

 The same person also sent us pictures of her horse Bonnie and her friend's horses Rickie and Arnie. But we are not sure which horse has which name...

...These are only some of the photographs that they sent to us,   the rest of their photographs will be coming really soon.



Here are some photos of Bianca's dogs! Aren't they georgeos?!    The brownyorangy one is Benji and the white one is called Buster. They are adorable!