What is Melliferia Press?

Melliferia is a newly-created niche publisher, an imprint of Caliburn Press, LLC. The goal of Melliferia Press is to publish high-quality educational books and coloring books. Our flagship line will be the "A Writer's Eye View" series about professions and hobbies that will assist actors, table-top game enthusiasts, and writers in understanding how a person involved in the discipline will think and act.
To this end, we are inviting authors to create works for our "A Writer's Eye View" series, five-chapter works of 20,000 to 40,000 words, following a common outline. Caliburn's expert and experienced staff of editors and cover artists will busily attend to the needs of your book before it is published on multiple platforms.
We will also want coloring books related to various professions as well as books that are not in the "Writer's Eye View" line.

We have experience!

Caliburn Press, LLC was created by the merger of Spero Publishing and Damnation Books, LLC. The editorial and artistic staff of both companies have been merged, as well. The new team combines two pools of tremendous talent and expertise!
Caliburn Press, LLC

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