Family History    (see also  Mellanby Archives)

A lot about Mellanby but also Allen, Anderson, Andrews, Barrett, Bowman, Braithwaite, Burton, Creake, Durrant, Howard, Hutchinson, Lambton, Marshall, Moore, Oliver, Richardson, Riches, Sanderson, Thompson, Walker, Weidner, Williamson, Wittnick

My name is John Frank Mellanby. I wandered into family history some years ago when I acquired an internet-capable computer and it seemed fun to put a surname into a search engine and see what came out of cyberspace. Since then I have made considerable use of online resources but my key findings have come from personal visits to archives in North-East England.

I started off looking into my own name, Mellanby, and soon found concentrations of the family in the Teesside area of England. I had a head start though thanks to a lady in London who, many years ago, gave me a substantial part of my ancestry. I have also been helped along the way by Terry Mallenby, Karen Mellanby and Larry Kline (who has an interest in Mellenby). Initially I was only interested in my own ancestry but inevitably along the way I have picked up information on other Mellanbys; recently (late 2010) I have expanded this by looking at readily available online sources. Some comments on this are included and it may form the basis of a one-name study.

I would like to mention Rootschat.com. This is an excellent all-round family history community site with good forums and plenty of advice and expert help available. I find it remarkably friendly and irritant-free for an inter-active site. Have a look at it if you haven't yet done so.

I am fairly happy with the accuracy of the information in this site and I have tried to comment in the narrative on provenance where appropriate particularly if some information is suspect! As a matter of policy I have tried not to include any living persons herein so apologies if this is not so in some instances.

In December 2011 I joined the Guild of One-Name Studies, an organization that promotes the researching of defined surnames rather than the ancestry of individuals. As a result of starting a one-name study I have collected some sub-sets and "trees" of the Mellanby family  which I have recorded in a separate site known as  Mellanby Archives. For the present the sections in Mellanby Archives stand alone from one another but it may, in due course, be possible to incorporate them into an expanded version of this site.

I would be delighted to hear from anyone who wants to contact me about anything in the site. I can be contacted by email at