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Melvert Wendall Byers, June Anna Marie (Warden) Byers
50th Wedding Anniversary 

"Honor Thy father and Thy mother...
that Thy days may be long upon the land
which the Lord, Thy God, giveth Thee."          

                                                  MEL AND JUNE BYERS, ENGAGEMENT, 1952
                                                       mel/june byers, copyright 1952
                                                                 Engagement, 1952
                                    June Anna Marie Warden, Melvert Wendall Byers
                                                                    Genesis 2:24

   "Special thanks to "Uncle Dub," C.W. Callaway, for the creation 
of this website.  
    He thought our parents deserved to be remembered with more than obituaries.  
    He was right.  They--and their coworkers on the mission fields of China, Tibet, 
    Burma, and Thailand--deserve more, much, much more.  
    May their lives not be forgotten, recorded here to inspire the young and the 
    strong to likewise commit their lives to the spread of the gospel, the Good 
    News of God's infinite love for His poor, sin-oppressed children.
    Will you, of whatever age, answer God's call for your life?  Will you completely 
    commit yourself, as they did, to the service of your King, wherever you 
    are, wherever He may send you, no matter what the cost?  Look out upon this
    suffering world.  The fields are white for harvest in the kingdom of our Lord 
    Jesus Christ."        --Rinda M. Byers       Jesus Paid It All 
    Pray for Asia.  Pray for the world.     
               Mathew 6     I John I  Isaiah 2:1-5   Deuteronomy 10:17-19    
               Revelation 15:1-4  Mark 16:15-18
   Jesus Loves The Little Children  autistic boy sings
             ljjune byers taught these songs to her children, many years ago                                                      Luke 18:16    1 John 3:7-10  I Samuel 3:1-10

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