melissa yahia portraits

P o r t r a i t s                      
P  e  n  c  i  l     a  n  d    C  h  a  r  c o  a  l    D  r  a  w  i  n  g  s 


'On the Grass' pencil,'Father and Son' pencil, 'Vinal Haven Summer' pencil, 'Swimming Hole at the Quarry' pencil, 'Christopher' charcoal, 'Self Portrait'  pencil.
The pencil and charcoal drawings shown here are part of a collection of work entitled 'Glimpses into the Shadow World''. The charcoal featured in this collection is from a series entitled 'Split-Aparts' . The technique involves covering the entire page with black and using an eraser to create the image. The pencil drawings include a self-portrait of the artist and portraits of her children as well as a few from a series on relationship dynamics. These drawings reveal the innocence and purity of youth and emotional relationships of one person to another. Portraits here are approximately 19" x 24". Portrait work done in commission. For details contact