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L i f e  C o a c h i n g

S  p  i  r  i  t  u  a  l     G  u  i  d  a  n  c  e    t  o     H   e  l  p      Y  o  u      R  e  m  e  m  b  e   r  

Alchemy is about turning lead to gold, symbolic of one’s spiritual journey as one empowers oneself to expand into ‘who they really are.’ Perhaps you have come to a point in your life where you have met all your material goals and feel within yourself that there is something more that will bring you true happiness, or perhaps you are tired from feeling stuck in patterns that don’t feel good or serve you any longer, or  maybe someone close
to you is dying or has passed away or that you have manifested some illness and this has signaled something in you that wants to seek knowledge to find your reconnection 
to greater peace and joy.

We spend a good part of our life exploring who we are primarily through ego identification. If we are lucky something falls in our path, often something we don't want, and makes us yearn for something more, to know ‘who we really are’ and a connection to purpose in our lives. Much of this process is a ‘re-membering’ of something that we know from deep inside ourselves. Holistic life coaching and intuitive consultations involve guided processes that helps move you into greater awareness of who you are, your potential, and your connection to the Divine/Source/God/All That Is by helping you bring the unconscious beliefs and patterns into consciousness and encouraging you step-by-step to take actions to create your dreams and potential.

This work focuses on your seven main chakras. The chakras are the energy centers in the physical body where our beliefs and emotions are transformed into our state of health. As you explore the energy and information in each of your chakras, you’ll discover how your current thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, as well as your family legacy can directly affect the health of your body’s organs, your overall physical health and energy level, as well as your ability to consciously create what you desire.


This work can be both exhilarating and intense as it leads you to greater freedom from habitual patterns of thought. It is for those who are willing to surrender, let go, and take responsibility for their creations. As our thoughts create our reality, this work guides you to become increasingly aware of your creations and their connections to manifestations. Awareness followed by action helps us transmute unconscious patterns and refocus our energy on intentional creations to put us back in our power as joyous co-creators.

Melissa offers individual chakra consultation sessions as well as a seven-month program Transformation through the Chakras. An hourly consultation helps you identify your energetic blocks and gives you practical solutions to remove them as well as to reconnect you with your gifts and purpose.  In the seven-month program you are guided step-by-step in the exploration of each of your chakras, and are given assignments to help you walk through the terrain of obstacles and gifts from unconsciousness to consciousness, both with in-person and over the phone consultations each month. The ultimate goals is to help you become more aware of unconscious patterns, transform them, set new intentions for moving ahead, and create your dreams through awareness that energy follows thought. You are the creator of your reality and within you is everything you need to reconnect with your purpose and create your dreams.

For those who would just like to get a general understanding of the energy within their own chakras, Melissa also offers one-on-one intuitive readings that include a personal chakra drawing highlighting the energy flow and blocks within your seven main chakras. These chakra 'maps' are helpful reference diagrams. The sessions last 60-90 minutes. The cost of the reading with drawing is $125.
Melissa also offers retreat weekends on the coast of Rhode Island for groups of five. Individuals are taught extensively about each chakra, learn to clear their own chakras and some basic chakra reading skills and energy techniques. These weekends help stretch the mind beyond traditional beliefs incorporating ideas from quantum physics, provide an opportunity to safely share your emotions and thoughts with others and make you feel truly inspired and empowered to take actions for your higher good and those around you. The retreats offer a great way to re-connect with a bigger part of yourself in the company of others.  

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