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Melissa spent 17 years in advertising. She studied graphics design at Connecticut College, freelanced for a short time as a graphic designer and then worked as an advertising manager for W.R. Grace and Polaroid. Later she worked at the agency Holland Mark Martin. Having put her art on the back burner for several years, she has recently returned to it. She is also an intuitive and holistic spiritual life coach.

Her interests are intuitive studies, chakra healing, and making flower essence remedies from her gardens. Melissa offers workshops and retreats as well as one-on-one coaching. Melissa enjoys painting, portrait drawing and writing. She is a co-founder of For Art's Sake a non-profit art association in Harvard, MA that celebrates and promotes art in the community. Each month she writes a story about an artist in the community to feature on the For Art's Sake website as Artist of the Month and in the For Art's Sake artist directory. She enjoys blogging about food and maintains Chakrapedia (a daily story about everything chakral) on Pinterest (click Pinterest button above.)

I often thi
nk back to memories of being three or four years old and connected daily to that aspect of ourselves I refer to as our 'knowingness.' Waking up each summer day to the birds' chirp and the sun's ray signaling me outside into the garden, I could hardly wait to meet that voice which quickly filled the space occupied by each and every question that only a young child can ask with such earnest innocence. That knowingness followed my gaze from the gauzy bee hive to a single flower pistil, from the noble arm of the towering pine to lush carpets of lilies of the valley in the tree shadows.

At that age many of us perceive in ways that have become lost to us as adults. For me, it was an attunement to color, shape, and the dreamworld, accessed through intuitive sight and hearing. For some, it may have been a kinesthetic attunement or a connection to the elementals or some other way of experiencing the invisible world.That space of innocence before we come into contact with others' beliefs, interpretations, warnings, and fears is a pure vessel for receiving. We can revive these lost, unused or misunderstood gifts and ways  of perceiving when we regain that space taken up by an overactive mind that feeds on fear and illusion. It's a bit like coming home. We 're-member' another part of ourselves, our true selves.

Over the last ten years, one of my goals has been return to this place, to once again hear and trust this 'knowingness', our intuitive receiving in ever increasing ways. For me, this process has entailed the study of esoteric teachings and chakra healing. Trusting this knowingness or your information is an important survival skill in a dizzying world, and conscious awareness and a balanced chakra system tune us back into a place of reconnection with our source and with the flow of Nature and our true place in it.

As an intuitive and holistic life coach, I help others through intuitive chakra readings to bring balance into the chakra system through awareness and action steps to change patterns, beliefs and thoughts that may be creating blocks that inhibit an individual from realizing their dreams and enjoying the process of creating from one's essence.

As an artist and writer much of my work comes from dreams. The process, which is largely a meditation, becomes the focal point rather than the completed piece. This work is also very seasonal for me in which the summer becomes a creative void that suddenly gives way each fall to a whole new series of endeavors and discoveries.

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